Rider Review - The Duotone Click Bar


The 2019 Duotone Click Bar, is the future of control. It represents the innovations of the past and sets the stage for our future developments. Once you've tried it, you won’t want to use anything else!

The Duotone Click Bar stands strong as the only bar on the market that trims via the back line, not the front. Less is more with the Trim Unit, effortless depower at the flick of a switch.

Our innovative technology allows you to comfortably trim your kite as you ride and in situations you never thought possible. It won’t impact speed, your line or upwind status. Why not give it a click through a bottom turn? It’s that easy. Your ride, your way.

For 2019 a small Click Bar, the Click Bar S with 42cm width and with 20/22m lines, joins the Standard Click Bar M, catering to personal preference and performance gains across all styles of riding. With that in mind, we caught up with three of our team riders who are all shredding in different disciplines to find out how the two new 2019 Duotone Click Bars are working for them.


Aaron Hadlow - Freestyle / Big Air

Why does the Click Bar work for you?

I have always wanted the simplest bar possible. The rear line adjustment system on the Click Bar makes it the cleanest set up possible. Once the Small size was released, there was no question that it would be my go-to bar for all kites and conditions. The Click Bar S can be equipped with an optional 5th line upgrade kit or even my Hadlow Set Up upgrade kit.


What is the main purpose of the Small Click Bar?

The Small Click Bar is designed for smaller sized kites, but I ride it on all my sizes. I like the small design as it gives the kite a more progressive turn, especially in kite loops. For unhooked tricks the kite on a small bar is not quite as reactive which allows me to do handle passes with ease.


How does the Small Click Bar compare to the standard size?

The change in size is really noticeable in the feeling of the kite. The way the kite turns is different and it gives you more control over the smaller sizes.

Why will freestyle riders like the Small Click Bar?

The small Click Bar is perfect for freestyle and big air riding; myself and the rest of the team are loving it. It is strong and trustworthy in heavy winds, as well as unhooked tricks when lots of pressure is going through the bar.


How are you finding the new 2019 Click bar?

Loving it, it is actually my dream bar, no joke!

Tom Court - Freeride / Foil

How does the Standard Click Bar work for you?

The Click Bar is a totally clean interface to my kite. It’s simple, easy to use and to make fine adjustments to the kite whilst riding. With one press of the button, I have less power to go into an unhooked trick or a few turns of the end of the bar and I am ready to boost big. One of its biggest advantages is its versatility and adjustability. I can use it with any kite, change the line lengths, V-split, and add a 5th line if needed to get the best performance from any kite.


What design features make it the dream bar?

As far as design goes, the Click Bar is unrivalled. I think the fact that every element of both ergonomic and practical use has been considered. I think its adjustability, fuss-free usage and clean interface are its biggest features for me. The fact that everything is modular and replaceable is also a big plus. It’s like a ‘bar for life’ rather than just another bit of kit.


Is the 2019 Duotone Click Bar versatile and how?

I use the Click Bar for so many different styles of riding. From unhooked to wave, freestyle and foiling, it creates confidence when changing between these disciplines. It delivers precise control over depower and power in the kite and gives great feedback to the rider as to how the kite is performing.


How are you finding the new 2019 Click bar?

With each year the Click Bar is refined, adjusted and modified to reflect the feedback from riders, customers and dealers. The 2019 Click Bar is by far the best performer yet. It's not until you try the Click Bar and then go back to your old bar, that you will truly realise how good the Duotone Click Bar really is!


Matchu Lopes - Wave / Strapless

Why does the 2019 Duotone Click Bar work for you?

For wave riding it’s all about powering up to catch the wave and hitting the depower once on the face of the wave, without even looking at the kite or the bar.


In your opinion, what are the top design features?

The simple interface and customisable depower throw length, which allows you to have the most manoeuvrability in your body through the turn, as well as the flexibility to land in any direction.


How does the Click Bar adapt to big wave charging and strapless freestyle?

It has the ability to be adjusted whilst on the water, or adjusted more permanently to suit your style. The automatic untwisting feature on the centre lines means there is nothing to get snagged or twisted. This also means there is less to worry about when tucking into a barrel or pulling the trigger on a strapless kiteloop.