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Concept Blue

At Duotone, we are aware of the environmental impact of our sport and passion, we recognize our collective responsibility to create a sustainable future for water sports, foster youth engagement, and protect our playgrounds. That’s why we've developed Concept Blue, to help us minimize our environmental impact. We are proud of the progress we have made and are committed to continuing our efforts.


Concept Blue products are our next step towards a better future and an additional element in our Save Our Playgrounds campaign. Our R&D Team is dedicated to design products with the latest and most sustainable materials available on the market. To help protect our playgrounds, we are committed to examine what we are already doing while continuing to explore what can be done in the near future and decades ahead. A sustainable ethos drives everything we do, from selecting and sourcing raw materials for our products to the manufacturing process and the lifecycle of everything we create. Concept Blue is the next chapter.

Products already being incorporated in the Concept Blue Campaign:

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Select And soleil

Two of our most popular twin tips are now part of the Concept Blue range, featuring new materials for kiteboards: Flax and Basalt. The Flax plant grows exceedingly fast; it can be harvested after just 100 days, which means it uses fewer resources to get to the finished product. For the twin tips, we are using Flax Fibre to completely replace Glass Fibre in the production process; it offers similar properties, but with many added benefits. It is a natural material that is eco-friendly to create, far more so than traditional glass fibre. Additionally it offers superior dampening capabilities compared to Glass Fibre and has excellent torsional flex characteristics. These attributes make it a great material to use in our twin tips.

We are combining Flax Fibre with Basalt Fibre. Basalt is another natural fibre, which is created from volcanic rocks. We combine it with Flax Fibre to increase the torsional and longitudinal stiffness. The combination of Flax and Basalt allows us to reduce the overall CO2 footprint of the products we create and also to better control the strength and flex characteristics of the board, maintaining a sporty performance and giving you a better ride. Our Concept Blue boards are produced using 100% solar energy to further enhance our commitment to sustainablity. The power needed in any production facility is often more polluting than the final product. Switching to solar energy is another step towards a more sustainable future.

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Select concept blue

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Soleil concept blue

Volt SLS

New for 2024, the Volt SLS is a small wave and light wind board designed to get you out on the water having fun as soon as possible. Our first surfboard in the Concept Blue range and starting our journey to becoming evermore sustainable.

Made in Italy, the Volt SLS is our first Concept Blue surfboard; the goal was to reduce the environmental impact of the board on the planet and the oceans we enjoy. A Zero Impact Core, Bio Resin, Cork and Basalt Fibre are used instead of more traditional materials. Basalt replaces glass & carbon. This new material is both natural and plentiful, coming from volcanic rock, but it nevertheless offers very similar characteristics like carbon. It is incredibly strong and gives you a very responsive and lively ride. Innegra Shield wraps our Zero Impact Core, bringing impressive durability that will ensure the board lasts a long time; this board also features our Cork Shock Absorber 2.0. On the water, the Volt SLS has a fast rocker line, perfect for getting going in light winds and ideal for offering drive and speed on the wave. Perfect for smaller waves, the rail design allows it to perform tight vertical snaps while ensuring you have lots of grip through more drawn-out bottom turns. Incredibly fun to ride when the conditions are challenging, the Volt SLS Concept Blue is the first in what will become a much bigger lineup of eco-friendly surfboards from Duotone.

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Volt SLS concept blue

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The Duotone apparel collection is truly unique because of its use of undyed organic cotton in several models of the Concept Blue range. Undyed organic cotton is simply organic cotton that has not been dyed or treated with anychemicals or coloring agents. This natural, unprocessed cotton has a number of advantages over its dyed counterparts.

Firstly, undyed cotton is much better for the environment. The dyeing and finishing processes used in traditional textile manufacturing can be incredibly harmful, releasing toxic chemicals and pollutants into the air and water. By using undyed cotton, the Duotone collection is able to reduce its environmental impact and help protect the planet. Secondly, undyed cotton is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. Unlike dyed cotton, which can sometimes feel stiff or rough, undyed cotton is free from any harsh chemicals or treatments, making it gentle on the skin. Moreover, because it has not been subjected to any harsh dyeing processes, undyed cotton is less likely to irritate sensitive skin. Finally, undyed cotton has a natural, earthy look that is perfect for the minimalist, understated aesthetic of the Duotone.

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