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Our business is creating watersport's products. It is what we love and we know how to do it well.  We have spent almost four decades developing, designing and refining cutting-edge products that have helped shape modern kiteboarding, wing foiling and windsurfing. Unfortunately, by creating the products we love, we are harming the very environment we need to practise our sport.  Watersport's products and the processes necessary to create them are not environmentally friendly.  As kiteboarders, wing foilers and windsurfers, we feel connected to our oceans, lakes, and rivers and we see first-hand the damage we are doing to our planet. We depend on our natural environment and, in turn, we believe it is our responsibility to protect it.

This is why we have made it our mission to breathe sustainability into our corporate structure at Duotone. We recognise that we have only scraped the tip of the iceberg with what we can do as a company and we plan to bring everyone along with us as we venture down this path to a more sustainable future.  As we find success with less harmful new materials or processes, it is our hope that others will follow suit and we can be part of a transition to a new greener industry overall.

We believe we can achieve our mission to create positive social and environmental change by analysing each component of our business and continually asking ourselves the question, how can we do it better? In the context of B&M’s economic efficiency, sustainability is understood as a continuous process that is integral to corporate strategy and not a temporary objective. Part of this process will inevitably be to overcome challenges as they arise, and we look forward to sharing our successes and failures openly because we can all learn from both outcomes.

We feel it is our responsibility to take action and do what we can to save our playgrounds before it is too late. And we invite everyone to join us in this endeavour.


CO2 Offset

"We continually try to optimize individual steps and chains of production with great care in order to find the best compromise for durability, quality, the ecosystem and our workforce, even if that makes our products a little more expensive. In that respect, we hope that the concept of ´sustainability´ will itself be recycled and not lose its current vogue, like many other ´trends´ have in the past." - Till Eberle, CEO Boards & More GmbH
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Clean Beach day

We have a responsibility to keep these playgrounds clean and healthy to ensure that future generations will also be able to enjoy them
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Concept Blue

Step by step we minimize our environmental impact
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Our Mission & Milestones

Our Pledge
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