Trust Bar frontline

Safety notice


Your safety is our utmost priority. Even with the greatest diligence and foresight technical problems with materials can unfortunately not be completely ruled out.  

Because it cannot be assured beyond doubt that the built quality of some few units conform to the expected lifespan, we advice to check your Trust Bar. 


The V-Distributor has the task of only allowing the frontlines to diverge at a defined point. The V-Distributor installed in the Trust Bar is attached to the left front line by a screw mechanism. The right front line running through the opening of the V-Distributor is reinforced in the area of the contact point by a sleeving. The sleeving of the right front line can lead to increased wear in the area of the V-Distributor, which can be caused by friction between the line to be protected and the sleeving itself. As a result, the line is not adequately protected, which can lead to the line breaking. 


Increased wear can occur on all Trust Bars from SS23 to the present day (serial numbers: 23-XXXXX or 24-XXXXX). If wear does occur, it can be recognized early on. So please check this area for visible damage to the sleeving! 

In the meantime, the entire stock has been converted to a new construction. All updated bar boxes are marked with a blue dot and you can see a grey "Connector Line" in the area of the V-Distributor on the right front line. 


Is the Click Bar affected?

No! Click Bars are not affected. The "Connector Line" used for the Trust Bar is identical to the (lower) front line of the Click Bar, which has been in use since 2018.



What do I do if I notice wear on the sleeving?

If wear is recognizable, you should replace the right frontline immediately. We recommend replacing both frontlines on used bars, as the length of the left frontline may have already changed. Please contact your trusted dealer or fill out the contact form below to receive a free spare part set. If there is no visible wear yet, but you don't feel comfortable with the current design, you will also receive a free replacement set! 


  1. Contact your DUOTONE Dealer. They will provide a set of front lines for your Trust Bar free of charge. To exchange the front lines, please check the video description! This is the easiest and fastest option.

  2. Can’t go to a shop? Contact us via the contact form provided below. We will come back to you as soon as possible to send you the replacement lines free of charge. 


You can find your serial number here

How do I replace my frontlines?


1. Remove the V-distributor and the suicide ring.


2. Loosen the loop-to-loop connection between the left frontline and the safety bungee line and pull the frontline out of the Low V-Distributor.


3. Guide the new left front line through the Low V-Distributor and connect it to the safety bungee line using the loop-to-loop connection. You can now attach the suicide ring and the V-distributor.


4. Remove the right front line. To do this, pull the right front line through the Low V-Distributor. 


5. Pull the lower part of the new right frontline through the Low V-Distributor. You can recognize the lower part of the frontline by the grey knot at the lower end. When assembling, make sure that the knot is facing outwards as soon as the knot is in the Low V-Distributor. 


6. Connect the lower part of the right front line to the grey "Connector Line" (thicker line) using a loop-to-loop connection and pull the assembled line through the V-Distributor.