Evo Concept Blue 2024

The Evo Concept Blue is one of our most popular kites. Performance partnered with versatility across a wide range of disciplines, coupled with a new more environmentally friendly undyed construction, sets it apart in the range. This versatile three-strut kite has been meticulously engineered to deliver impressive high-performance capabilities in any conditions, and however you decide to ride it. The perfect choice for those who love the excitement of freeriding and boosting big airs, while also indulging in hooked freestyle tricks and wave riding. It is an ideal choice for the rider who wants it all. The Evo Concept Blue embodies true versatility, catering equally to seasoned professionals and newcomers alike. When it comes to jumping, the Evo Concept Blue’s capabilities are exceptional, providing ethereal hangtime that allows you plenty of time to throw kite loops, with the only limit being your own desire to go higher. Whether you prefer nimble, precise loops or awe-inspiring mega loops, the Evo Concept Blue reacts to input on the bar and delivers whatever style or size of loop you want. Furthermore, the kite offers multiple tuning options at the tips, allowing you to fine-tune it to your individual riding style. There's more to the Evo Concept Blue than just performance. It boasts a cutting-edge eco-conscious construction featuring undyed fabrics which reduce the amount of water and chemicals used in production, a groundbreaking bio-based bladder, and components crafted from recycled plastics. This innovation not only enhances its ecological footprint but also underscores our commitment to sustainability.

Don't allow your choice of kite to define you; let your riding skills speak for themselves. Regardless of your preferred style or mood on any given day, the Evo Concept Blue is your passport to elevating your kiteboarding adventures to new heights.



VIDEO: Carlos Guzman / Andy Troy / Noe Font / Craig Cunningham


PRODUCTION: chparker.myportfolio.com