Rider Review Rebel SLS

Today we are going to talk about the REBEL SLS with team riders RENO ROMEU and HANNAH WHITELEY. This is the first year that the Rebel has received the SLS treatment and Penta TX material. 

Hear the Full review

Hear the Full review

Welcome Hannah and Reno, give me your impressions on how the kite compares to its predecessor.

Hannah Whiteley: I really feel the difference in weight. It feels lighter, and because of that it gives you that extra bit of hang time so you can stay up in the air longer. This kite gets me excited for big air, it’s a super fun kite and I’ve enjoyed riding it a lot.

Reno Romeu: I really like the Rebel with the SLS, I was excited to finally have it, I was expecting this kite from last year already! It’s always great to have big kites in super-light materials such as the Penta TX.

One of the main differences I see from last year's kite to the new Rebel SLS is the material is much stiffer than the previous material. It gives the kite way more stability in the air especially in really strong winds, the arc of the kite doesn’t move, this is also down to the fact it's a five strut kite. The shape of the kite stays in its shape, so it’s a really good kite to ride overpowered. It’s an amazing kite for heavier people, it doesn’t matter how much power you have in your kite, it won’t deform, it will just keep its shape. With the smaller sizes, they are much more playful. The Rebel SLS is a hang time machine! When you think you are coming down, you still have a few more seconds in the air. It’s amazing for people who like to fly and want to have the extra hang time to do extra spins or tricks, it's an amazing kite.

Hannah Whiteley: I definitely have noticed the difference in hang time between this one and the last model, just that extra bit of time in the air, because my abs have been killing me! So I know I’ve been spending longer time in the air!

Reno Romeu: A lot of people also want a kite that pulls a lot, they want to have power and feel that through the bar, so for those people, the Rebel SLS is the best kite.

When you say that, do you mean that feeling of a grunty kite?

Reno Romeu: Yes, certain people like to feel that traction, the power through the lines and into the harness and the Rebel SLS is for sure the kite that offers this characteristic in the Duotone range. Those who like to feel the power when edging upwind the Rebel SLS is the kite. It also has a really impressive wind range and It comes in sizes from 5 meters to 15 square meters. It’s an amazing kite!

Hannah Whiteley: It gives you a deeper connection to the wind and the elements, you feel it. The wind range is amazing, I’ve been surprised in how little wind I’ve been able to go with on the 12 meter, there hardly needs to be any breeze and I can get going, so that has really impressed me.

Do you have a favourite size in the range?

Reno Romeu: I really like to be overpowered in the big sizes, as the kite is really easy to control to do technical board offs as the kite is stable and offers such good hang time. Once the wind is super strong, I love the ten-meter, it's the kite for me on the Rebel SLS. It's a mix of having the right speed, the right power and when boosting, every meter (in kite size) makes a lot of difference and for me, the ten-meter is the perfect kite.

Hannah Whiteley: I’m a bit torn between the sizes, I love the 8 meter for doing loops but the 12 has something special too, it has unlimited hang time, it gives me so much time for board offs or multiple front rolls, I can’t really choose one!

Who would you recommend this kite to?

Hannah Whiteley: I would recommend this kite to anyone who wants to live their best life and have the most hang time! It’s great!

Reno Romeu: I would recommend the Rebel SLS for people who are focused on jumping and gliding. For sure other models are great for jumping, but the Rebel SLS is the easiest shape where you simply need to pull the bar in and you’ll go high. If you’re not a pro and you don’t have the best technique to jump, the Rebel SLS for sure is the best choice, you’ll sheet the bar in and you’re going to fly! Especially when you are beginning with your jumps, the Rebel SLS will be a lot of fun!

So you’re referring to the sheet and go characters there, how does it help to be able to edge for the jump de-powered and then pulling the bar in to get that lift? Reno Romeu: The sheet and go is amazing, when you are riding the Rebel, you don’t need an amazing technique to go high, for sure it will help. With the Rebel, you can send the kite overhead and with a three-step process of sending the kite overhead, then release the bar and then third pull the bar in, you boost high! You don’t need a really good technique, with these steps alone you fly!

Do you have any tuning tips or setups you prefer from the stock settings?

Hannah Whiteley: I ride the kite as it comes, I don’t feel the need to change anything, it’s perfectly set up for me.

Reno Romeu: I change the size of the bar, from 10 or 11 all the way to 15, it’s nice to have the large Click Bar and from 9 down I prefer the smaller Click Bar. The difference is big when you change the size of the bar. I personally like the 12 to 15-meter kites on the soft setting and from 12 down I like to use the factory settings. These setups are better for my tricks and for the bar pressure I like to have.