Lords of the Tram – Wrap Up

This week the best big air kiters in the world flocked to Gruissan, France, to rock the crazy Tramontine winds during the LORDS OF THE TRAM, part of the BAKL (Big Air Kite League) World Tour, pushing their limits as well as the limits of big air kiteboarding.

Hear Pippa's Full Interview

Hear Pippa's Full Interview

Hear Andrea's Full Interview

Hear Andrea's Full Interview

Team Duotone dominated the “Pro” as well as the “Women’s”Division, with first four (!!) Duotone riders at the Men’s, 1st Andrea Principi, 2nd Antonin Ragin, 3rd Lorenzo Casati, 4th Beto Gómez and Pippa van Iersel claiming the top spot on the podium.


With only two days of wind, riders and event organizers made the most of what Mother Nature dished up. On Day One the riders battled it out in extremely challenging, super gusty conditions, sending it like there was no tomorrow regardless of the mega big holes in the wind. For day two, the judges moved the competition to a different spot with perfect flat water and more stable winds.

Fully focused on delivering a large variety of moves — one of the main judging criteria — and of course going big, 16 year old Italian Andrea Principi pulled off five different tricks of five different categories in his heat, succeeding in getting the highest score of the event, a 9.8 for his best trick, a strategy that ultimately secured him the win!


The action on the water went off and so did the vibe on the beach with the spectators’ cheering, psyching up the riders to go even bigger and more radical.

Pippa was pumped seeing a larger than usual number of female big air shredders competing and the level of female big air kiteboarding increasing overall.


Matched against the radical big air queen Angely Bouillot twice in the event, Pippa couldn’t be more stoked with her victory.


Generally being very focused on her competition career in freestyle, Pippa has recently been dedicating more time to training big air, as the number of events for women pushing the limits of big air is constantly growing.

Always pushing the envelope, Pippa’s and Andreas’ hard work is paying off nicely, with both well on their way of becoming two key players in the big air game. The freshly crowned “Lord & Lady of the Tram” are already frothing for more action and can’t wait to send it even bigger at the next big air comps.