Duotone Kiteboarding’s Lewis Crathern Round’s Up The Kitesurfing Armada 2019

Duotone Kiteboarding Kite Armada 2019 Teamrider Lewis Crathern

“The Kitesurfing Armada was once again amazing and now after 7 years we feel we have the perfect balance. I took to the mic over the live PA system to hundreds of local school children whilst flying a kite. Before hand we have been inside the large marquee taking part in a great presentation explaining the sport and the great connection it has to the environment. ‘Schools day’ which takes place on the first day of the event (Friday) has become a major part of the Kitesurfing Armada. We do not just want kitesurfers to have a great time, we want to introduce as many people into the sport as possible, both young and old.

Duotone Kiteboarding Teamrider Lewis Crathern_Kite Armada

I also rode using the Bb TALKIN headset so I could take the interaction with the crowd to a whole new level. Over the course of the weekend I interviewed many Pro riders whilst we kitesurfed together and talked about various aspects of kiteboarding from their lives as pro's to important coaching tips for all. The pro demo zone has become a major part of the event and I really enjoyed hosting the sessions during the day. Back at the festival there was live music all weekend, evening parties, signing sessions with the team riders & a great showing of all the latest gear from the kiteboarding industry.

Duotone Kiteboarding Teamrider Lewis Crathern Foil 2019

I am very proud of my involvement at the Kitesurfing Armada and have been part of it since the beginning when Richard Branson famously rode out to sea to mark the start of the event. We have raised over 200 thousand pounds for charity via our trust 'The Armada Trust' and with reports of over 8000 people attending this years festival, the event has a great future. We even have a new venue up North in the UK taking place in July but more info on that at the bottom of this newsletter. Thanks to everyone that came to this years event, it was my favourite yet.” - Lewis Crathern

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