The Duotone Daytona 2020 - Rider Review with Jean Guillaume Rivaud and Ariane Imbert

Duotone Kiteboarding Daytona rider review

The Duotone DAYTONA presents the premium foundations of our products  through carbon materials, combined with performance, excellence and aesthetics. Its two piece design is cutting-edge and the sensations delivered when riding are unmatched. We catch up with Duotone riders, Jean Guillaume Rivaud and Ariane Imbert, to hear what excites them about the DAYTONA and why we will be too.

Duotone Kiteboarding Daytona rider review
Duotone Kiteboarding Daytona Riders Review

How would you describe the Daytona?


Jean: I can describe the Daytona in two words: Quality and Performance. If you want a hydrofoil with performance you must have quality, it’s an uncompromisable principle. After lots of testing, I’m very happy with the Daytona’s quality and superb stability. The Duotone team worked hard to find the perfect design, the best materials and the ideal partnership for production. The perfect chain for the end result. The Daytona is our first full carbon hydrofoil and you can really see the power of Duotone in its performance.”


Ariane:The Daytona is very easy to use, it´s the ultra foil beast. I find it has the same sensations as a high performance racing foil. I can push it and it accelerates without any instability. The upwind performance is fantastic and it gives me so much confidence.”

What do you think about the two piece design and what will people notice about it?


Jean:“This kind of construction and design are the sign of performance. It’s the signature formula for speed that’s directly inspired by the best hydrofoil in the world of America’s Cup yacht racing. We know that each junction and screw is a brake point for the hydrodynamics, that’s why our engineers choose the two piece geometrics and assembly. If everything was possible in this world, the ultimate outcome would be to manufacture a single piece but we’re not quite there yet, plus two pieces make it easier for travelling.”  


Ariane: “The Daytona is a revelation. The two piece design is slick and delivers more in performance because it’s rigid and therefore more stable. It’s easy to build and fine to travel with, just get the good bag. It looks like a work of art, it’s really beautiful.”

Duotone Kiteboarding Daytona Rider Review
Duotone Kiteboarding Daytona Rider Review Jean Guillaume Rivaud

What are your thoughts on the materials?


Jean:“We knew that the Daytona would be a full carbon construction, so we had to put a lot of thought into the layup plan and type of carbon we would use. It’s so important to have the best results so it’s a complex process. We found that carbon fibre was the best for this design as it is incredibly light yet super stiff. The finish of the material needed to be perfect, especially the surface where any imperfections can cause ventilation and perturbations.”

What are the perfect conditions for the Daytona and what kite would you recommend?


Jean:The Daytona is a very high performance hydrofoil that loves all conditions. I like to ride it in light wind because it’s ability to quadruple the speed of wind is crazy! The Daytona always wants more and more kite power to increase its speed; you’ll be training your legs to keep up! You need the right kite with the Daytona to make it happy and the Capa creates the perfect combination. Tube kites work well but it’s a bit like having a Ferrari but not the use of the full accelerator.”


Ariane:“The Daytona delivers no matter the conditions. From super light 5 knt to strong 35 knt wind it never fails. When it’s super windy I often use my Rebel or Evo, but the winning combo is the Daytona and Capa. High performance and easy to ride. Duotone Kiteboarding’s designs continue to push the sport!”

Duotone Kiteboarding Daytona Rider Review
Duotone Kiteboarding Daytona Rider Review Duotone Kiteboarding Daytona Rider Review Jean Guillaume Rivaud

How is the Daytona different to the Spirit GT?

Jean:“The Daytona is completely different. The GT is amazing because we never imagined achieving so much performance with an aluminium mast and fuselage. The base of the GT is the same as a beginner hydrofoil, we just changed the front wing. It’s what makes it so impressive and I use it a lot. It does have limits though. Now that we have the Capa, it was necessary to have a more efficient hydrofoil in the line. The Daytona is the perfect answer, with performance and stability at your service.”


How versatile is the Daytona?

Jean:Contrary to what many people might think, the Daytona is super easy to use. We know that you can have all the performance in the world, but if it’s not stable you’ll crash all the time. The only reason it’s not suitable for beginners is because of the incredible acceleration that happens immediately. If it wasn’t for this point, the Daytona would be the best for beginners too. This surprised me when I tested the first proto. I felt safe, secure and in control at all times, letting my body speak to the power of the Daytona.”

How has Jerome Bonieux brought his vision for the Daytona to life?

Jean:“Jerome is so cool. He’s a good friend and a very good engineer. His strength is that he spends the same time on the water as he does behind his computer. I don’t know how he does it all, with two kids as well! Like with the Click Bar, he made no compromises with the Daytona. He listens to everybody and tries to understand each feeling. Hydrofoil development is so complex and the Duotone team found the perfect guy to head up the Daytona project. Finally you can see the results for yourself.”


Who will enjoy the Daytona?

Jean:“Everybody who’s dreamt of riding a performance hydrofoil will enjoy the Daytona. You can increase the distance, take a trip to a foreign country if you want, because you can now go faster at crazy angles effortlessly. Besides performance, it’s a really beautiful product and the finish is perfect. You’ll be rushing to get on the water.”

Ariane: “Everyone who loves foiling at speed with total control and has an eye for state of the art beauty.“

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