Behind the design of the Duotone Juice

Duotone Kiteboarding Behind the design Juice 2020

Ralf Grösel knows how to curate a kite built for purpose. The 2020 JUICE is a work of art that combines new materials with a redefined shape and Flex Struts that make these larger kites lively and raring to go. Beat the breeze and be the first on the water and enjoy your session even as the wind increases.

Duotone Kiteboarding Behind the design Juice Action

What’s new for the 2020 JUICE?


This season we made a breakthrough in materials and where applied in the JUICE, it really shines through in the overall handling; unmatched and tactile. When compared to to previous years and what’s available on the market, we’ve made a huge reduction in overall weight across all sizes which can be felt as soon as the kite is launched.

Tell us about the new Flex Strut structure. 


The unique Flex Strut construction is malleable and intentionally deforms when there’s an increase in steering driven through the back lines. This means that even the 17m2 can be responsive and reactive. There’s performance throughout all sizes, all conditions and inclusivity of all riding styles.

Duotone Juice 2020
Duotone Juice Ralf Grösel

The 2020 JUICE is built for no-wind day’s but what about when the wind increases?


The redefined Deltashape allows for huge amounts of controllable power and flying characteristics that harnesses the wind at all times. The JUICE anticipates the variables for you and guarantees an easy water relaunch in just a puff of wind.


Talk us through the design features.


 There’s lighter Dacron used throughout the construction which has been combined with a reduction in weight wherever possible. Every component, even the bladders are made of a lighter material to further enhance the flying capabilities of the 2020 JUICE. All of these updates have led to a kite that is not only light, but also incredibly dynamic.

Duotone Juice

Why choose the 2020 Duotone Juice?

Depending on your riding style and weight, one of the four sizes will flow through those lazy days, what’s not to love about that? It’s a true and carefully curated design that is four or five line capable. The kite has incredible handling, huge amounts of controllable power and relaunches itself.

The three, Flex Strut, Light Wind Concept design, is purpose built with has plenty of low-end power yet boosts you skywards, even when cruising was your only expectation.

The 2020 JUICE offers excellent top-end range which is due to the removal of the pulleys from the bridle, ultimately keeping the canopy stable.

Duotone Juice

The JUICE in a nutshell.


Choose the correct kite for your weight and style of riding and more sessions are yours for the taking. From Foil to freeriding on a twin tip, harness the wind and feel the power. Beat the conditions and be the first and last on the water.

Juice 2020

Duotone Juice