Kiteboarding Camps & Events 2022


Ready to boost your kiting to the next level?

Then come and join one of our 2022 Kite Clinics! Our international team riders, as well as professional instructors, are looking forward to helping you progress and learning new tricks at our Duotone Pro Centers in Torbole, Sicily and Fehmarn this summer!

  • Are you keen to have your first shot at unhooked tricks?
  • Have you been struggling to stick the landing of the blind judge?
  • Or would you like to learn how to do a board-off transition on a directional board?

Whatever your personal objectives are, we’ve got you covered! Our Duotone Pro Centers are stoked to announce a super exciting camp & event schedule in collaboration with some of our top international team riders, like Gianmaria Coccoluto, Matchu Lopes, Rita Arnaus and Francesca Bagnoli. Located at some of the best kite spots and equipped with our latest gear, check out our 2022 Kiteboarding Camps & Events calendar below and sign up today!

Please note: For more detailed information, click on the respective camp or contact the specific Duotone Pro Center via phone or email directly.

Duotone Pro Center Torbole

The Duotone Pro Center Torbole is located right on the shores of the mind-bogglingly beautiful Lake Garda. Hosting a number of kite camps run by our top coaches and pro riders every year, the clean water, steady wind conditions and marvellous scenery make Lake Garda one of the most sought-after spots in Central Europe. Enjoy a magical SUP cruise on flat water in the morning and then have a sick bump and jump session – ideal for freestyle - in the afternoon. Come and join us at the DPC Torbole for one of these exciting weekends and boost your skills with the help of Matchu Lopes or Francesca Bagnoli!

contact details: +39 (0) 464 97 21 24 |

Duotone Pro Center Sicily

The stunning island of Sicily, just off the "toe" of Italy's “boot” in the central Mediterranean Sea, is renowned for its incredibly beautiful beaches and pleasant temperatures from March to October. Our Duotone Pro Center Sicily is located on the island’s western coast, with direct access to the Lo Stagnone lagoon, which offers ideal conditions for kiteboarding. Flat water, consistent winds and a huge, shallow lagoon make it the perfect place for freeriding and freestyling. This summer our pro freestylers Gianmaria Coccoluto and Rita Arnaus will spend some time here to teach you their favourite freestyle tricks and help you stick your dream moves. In addition, Andrea and Alessandro – two Sicilian locals and experienced kite instructors – invite you to join them and get to experience the area around Lo Stagnone like a local. There are heaps of different kite spots to be discovered when the wind is on. And you won’t get bored on no-wind days either: climbing, boat trips out to the Aegadian islands and day trips to Palermo as well as food tastings are on the agenda and lots more!

contact details: +39 3792510094 |

Duotone Pro Center Fehmarn

The Duotone Pro Center Fehmarn specializes in teaching kids (between 8 to 14 years of age) how to kitesurf. Offering an exciting 3-day kitesurfing camp, the highly experienced coaches at the DPC Fehmarn’s primary concern is safety. They will ensure that the kids will have a blast learning the basics of kitesurfing as well as making new friends who share the love for wind, water and the outdoors. The center is located in Lemkenhafen. The lessons are being taught at a huge, flat water spot with a large, waist-deep area that is absolutely ideal for our groms! Sign your kids up today and introduce them to the fascinating world of kiteboarding.

contact details: +49 171 7521384 |

Photo Credit: Emanuela Cauli, Tom Brendt, Lukas Stiller