Terms of use - Christmas Special 2019 - Duotone Kiteboarding

TERMS OF USE - Christmas Special 2019

Participation conditions for the Christmas Special 2019

1. Organiser of the competition is DUOTONE Kiteboarding (hereinafter also referred to as "Organiser"), Boards & More GmbH, Keltenring 9, 82041 Oberhaching, Germany.


2. The competition is offered on the website of the Organiser.



3. In order to enter the competition, participants must place an order over €100,- in the online shop of the Organiser to join the raffle.


4. Participation in the competition is free of charge. In return for granting the possibility of winning, the Organiser is authorized to process the data provided by the participant for advertising and information purposes and to personalize these advertising media using salutation, first name and surname. The participant is authorized to disagree with this use of his data at any time towards the Organiser. If this objection is declared before the draw, the participant will not take part in the draw.


5. The competition starts with its activation on the 01.12.2019. The participation deadline is 24.12.2019 at 11:59 pm (Central European Time). 


6. The competition runs worldwide. The Organiser is entitled at any time to require the submission of appropriate evidence. If a participation requirement cannot be proven, the Organiser shall be entitled to exclude the concerned participant from the competition.  

7. If the accessibility of the competition is restricted due to technical reasons, no claims towards the Organiser. The organizer reserves the right to prematurely end or extend the period of the competition/prize contest at any time without prior notice and without having to cite his reasons for doing so.


8. Employees of the Organiser, the participating Boards & More GmbH shall be excluded from the participation.


9. Legal recourse is excluded. 


10. Ineligible persons are not entitled to participate in the prize. Influencing equal opportunities through technical manipulation, multiple participations, submission of false personal information or a comparable serious infringement lead to the exclusion from the participation, if necessary retrospectively.


11. Material Prizes

On December 25 (25.12.2019 Central European Time) one object (2020 Duotone Select) will be raffled among all placed orders over €100,- in the timeframe of 01.12.2019 to 24.12.2019 (Central European Time).

The object presented as a material prize as part of the competition/prize contest is not necessarily identical to the object won. Indeed, there may be variations in terms of model, colour, etc. The Organizer may choose an object of typical nature and quality of equivalent value to the object presented as the material prize.

Material prizes will be sent out by the Organizer or a third party appointed by Boards & More GmbH by courier, parcel service or post to a postal address to be specified by the winner. Delivery is free. The place of execution nevertheless remains at Boards & More GmbH head office despite this assumption of shipping costs.

The model selection is only valid while stocks last. If the selected model is no longer available, a model other than the selected one or a different colour variant will also fulfil the profit claim.  

Cash payments, modifications or replacements of the prize are not possible. A transfer of the prize to a third party is also excluded. 


12. The winner will be notified on Wednesday 25.12.2019 via e-mail. If the prize notification cannot be delivered within 2 days, the Organiser is not obliged to make further investigations. In this case, the prize claim expires and the prize is raffled again. 


13. Winners must report by Monday, 30.12.2019 at the latest via e-mail to the contact indicated in the winning notice. The winners must indicate their model and colour request in their feedback. 

If no feedback is received from the respective winner until Friday, 03.01.2020 at the latest, his/ her prize entitlement expires and the prize will be raffled again. The winners will be notified on this in the winning notification. 

The claim on the prizes expires if their delivery cannot take place for reasons within the responsibility of the winner. In this case, the prizes will be raffled again. 


14. Taxes for the prizes will be paid by the respective winner.


15. If you have questions or comments, please send an e-mail to marketing(at)duotonesports(dot)com with the subject line “Question Duotone Christmas Special“.