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For nearly two decades, we’ve designed, developed, traveled, researched, collaborated, made friends and gone kiteboarding as much as possible. We draw inspiration from the arts, from other cultures, and from a sport centric lifestyle. In an effort to share this journey, we bring to you the stories that have shaped and now define Duotone Kiteboarding.

Finally, we can say that V2 True Magazine is coming your way!

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The second edition of True Magazine inspires us to dive deeper into our brand awareness and perception. We share with you the processes behind our product development and what it is that makes us tick.


We hope you enjoy the tales of life changing sessions and major breakthroughs, along with performance-driven engineering that acknowledge the smallest of carbon fibres and the aspirational lifestyle our products represent.


Communicated by the people who define our brand culture, our world class team riders and leading scientists, our designers, managers and chief officers.