Our mission: Create innovative kiteboarding equipment and safety technologies while increasing our corporate sustainability and contributing to positive social and environmental change.

Product research and development plays a vital role in improving the environmental performance of industry – an important element in sustainable development. Our R&D teams are constantly testing new materials and production processes to ensure the best balance in the qualities of performance, durability and sustainability.

What this means, is that we strive to incorporate as many post-consumer materials as possible into the development of our new products while maintaining the highest safest standards.


We place a high value on being able to offer environmentally friendly products that do the least amount of unnecessary harm however, in some cases this is not yet possible.


This is where we rely on the ingenuity of our R&D teams to be consistently looking at new opportunities to reduce our footprint and in the meantime, where we count on the ClimatePartner C02 offset program to reduce the impact caused by the production of the product.

Duotone Sustainability Kitedesigner Ken Winner

Our products should last.

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