Our Mission: Create innovative kiteboarding equipment and safety technologies while increasing our corporate sustainability and contributing to positive social and environmental change.

Sustainability Free for windy days

Free for kiting on windy days

Once in a while, windy conditions at the lake offer the perfect opportunity for our employees to get together and enjoy a kite session. We are flexible about giving time off because we also value the importance of team building.

Sustainability spot office

flexible OFFICE location

The area around our main office in Munich is not exactly a water sports hotspot. So we have devised a way to give our employees more days out on the water each year. Now everybody has the chance to work remotely from a kitesurfing hotspot for 2 weeks each year, which means they can enjoy kite sessions during their lunch break. WORK-KITE-SLEEP-REPEAT

Sustainability Free kite gear

Free kite gear for employees

Lots of people dream about being able to combine work and leisure activities. We support our employees with the latest kite gear on the market so they can get the most out of their kite sessions.

Sustainability Jobrad


At Boards&More, we believe sustainability starts at home. The first step involves the people who show up every day to our main offices in Munich, Germany, which is why we decided to invest in them. By teaming up with JobRad, Boards&More offers every employee the opportunity to lease a bike, which they can use to commute to work, get around town, or for whatever other activity they want. Lots of our employees have taken advantage of this scheme and now get their exercise on their way to and from work. Not to mention lowering emissions by leaving their cars at home.

Sustainability Further training

professional development

Developing our employees is very important to us, so every employee has access to further training in appropriate fields of activity.


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