Kite Vest Waist 2019


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Item-no. 44900-7031
The Kite Vest Waist offers snug body fit and cushioning only in the upper part of the vest, so that a waist harness can be comfortably worn above, still offering maximum freedom of movement. The side zipper allows for quick and easy entry and exit. The zipperflap ensures durability of the zipper and protects your skin from scratches.
Abrasion Reinforcement
All areas exposed to scuffing strengthened with STPU reinforcements, renowned for its durability against abrasion.
Load Distribution Panels
As kite geometry improves, the canopy must continue to resist increasing forces. To spread these forces, Load-Distribution-Panels are used, holding the kite’s shape even under the most extreme loads. In practice this gives a smoother and more consistent performance from the kite in any riding situation.
Solid LE Frame Design
The ideal handling and responsive steering of the DICE, due to the Solid LE Frame Design, allows you to boost bigger jumps and control your loops with ease.