Foil Speedster Combo 2019




Item-no. 44900-3500
The new Speedster achieves a new level of user friendliness coupled with the ability to still go fast and excite you on the water. To make the foil accessible to beginners while still entertaining experts, our designers had to come up with something new. For the beginners, there is a shorter 55cm mast, which reduces the leverage ratio on the foil and makes it much more forgiving. In addition to this, a special wedge was created to adjust the angle of the rear wing. This allows the foil to fly at lower speeds, which are less intimidating for first-time flyers. Once you remove the wedge and switch to the full-size mast the top end speed increases dramatically, and the set up compels even the most advanced riders. To keep the overall package, stable winglets have been added to the front and rear wings; these improve the directional tracking of the foil but also help it to cut smoothly through turns.
High lift
High lift and resistance to stall
Low speed
Capable of flying at low speeds with the small mast
High speed
Huge top end speed potential with the large mast
Includes Bag
Includes a travel foil bag that can be converted to protect the fully assembled foil
Winglets for stability and turns
Winglets improve not only the directional stability but also help the foil track smoothly through turns
Optional wedge
Optional wedge for the rear wing, which improves the low-speed handling and helps beginners learn