Back Wing Aero Stabilizer P


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Item-no. 42240-3818

Our latest range of stabilizers, specially designed to complement our Carve 2.0 and Glide ranges.

The P series stands for performance! We increased the aspect ratio of the stabilizers so that they would produce more lift whilst being smaller in surface area. Doing so helped us decreasing the drag and increasing the maneuvrability without loosing that high speed control which our foils are famous for.

The P Stabilizers are available in four sizes, 165/180/200/220. Each of them slightly tweaked to work perfectly with our new front wings. These new stabs are almost completely flat and have lost the little winglets which can be found on our other range: the C Stabilizers.By making these changes we were able to loosen the feel in the turns, which gives an exciting flavour to our new front wings.

Take full advantage of our brand new thin shims and tweak the angle of attack of your stabilizer by +/- 0.3 degrees increments, to suit your particular riding style, or the conditions on a given day.

Surface (cm / in²)
Span (cm / in)
Aspect Ratio
Screw Info
Rec. Torque
Best Size
165 / 25.6
33 / 13
2x M6x16
10 Nm
Best Size
180 / 27.9
34 / 14
2x M6x16
10 Nm
Best Size
200 / 31.0
37 / 14
2x M6x16
10 Nm
Best Size
220 / 34.1
39 / 15
2x M6x16
10 Nm

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