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Uphaul Select

Uphaul Select

Art.-No. 14200-8009

Completely new, extremely pleasant to grip uphaul. Instead of the usual webbing tube plus rubber cord construction we use a high-tech webbing tube including woven elastomers. This high-tech stretch material stays in shape and is aerodynamically far better than classic uphauls.


2 different lengths

To account for the tremendous range of different boom positions we offer 2 lengths:
- S for sails 6.5 and down
- L for sails 6.0 and up

Adjustable on both ends

- Guarantees ideal fit (uphaul should just be tight without being pre-stretched) to ensure perfect lever ratios
- Bungee loop at the bottom can easily be replaced (instead of becoming a write-off)

Dyneema Rope

Dyneema rope at the upper end virtually eliminates wear and tear