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Gambler 2019

Gambler 2019

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Wakestyle / Park Riding

Art.-No. 44900-3424

The optimum board for wakestyle and park riding, a board that takes it all no matter what, making it the best choice for Craig Cunningham and Colleen Carroll.

Key Features

Duotone Gambler 2019

Generous rocker

Generous rocker for the optimum release and landing control.

Deep channels

Deep channels to ensure grip and control, even without without fins.

Robust and durable construction

Exceedingly robust and durable construction further enhanced by Slick Base for park riding.

Hard Flex

The most aggressive flex and an incredible pop. Hard Flex generates dynamic power development when jumping and more stiffness for better control on hard landings.

Slick Base

The Slick Base is perfect for hitting obstacles, the deep channels ensure the board performs impeccably even without fins.

Biax Fibre Construction

For the best dampening and comfort, perfect for technical tricks.


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Duotone Gambler 2019

Freestyle Unhooked POP / STABLE LANDINGS
S-Bend WK 2.0 Carbon 30S-Bend WK 2.0 Carbon 30S-Bend WK 2.0 Carbon 30


Duotone Gambler 2019

If you are in the market for the Gambler, the chances are you know exactly what sort of board you need for the ultimate in wakestyle and park riding. This board is the choice of our wakestyle team with riders like Colleen Carroll, Noé Font and Craig Cunningham all using it to great effect on the Kite Park League Tour. The stiffer flex pattern offers unrivalled pop and comfortable pressing while the huge rocker ensures you get the best control during landings. Deep channels on the bottom sheet make it possible to ride without fins while retaining control and the Slick Base not only makes park riding easier; it also ensures your boards durability long into the season. The inline track system is offering you infinite adjustments to your stance and a plus in durability as boots can be ridden both ways. Couple this board with the excellent Duotone Boot and you have a winning hand that is hard to beat!

Tech Features

Duotone Gambler 2019

Step Double Concave Slick Base
Step Double Concave Slick BaseStep Double Concave Slick Base

The next level and latest progression in double concaves is the combination with the Slick Base. There’s still all the advantages in grip and pop, just now combined with a super durable, easy sliding Slick Base, making the TS Hadlow and the Gambler great to slide on any kind of obstacles.

Absorption Flex Tips
Absorption Flex TipsAbsorption Flex Tips

Based on a unique new construction of the board in the tip area, the scoop rocker line ensures better response to changing situations. In underpowered riding, the board remains flat for fast planing. In overpowered riding, the scoop bends and provides for an increased level of control and stability. The flex tips absorb shocks and enable soft landings.

Biax Fibre Construction
Biax Fibre ConstructionBiax Fibre Construction

The Biax Fibre Construction is used for the Duotone boards Gambler, Spike and Gonzales. These boards are produced with Biax Fibre for the best dampening and comfort.

Hard Flex
Hard FlexHard Flex

The Hard Flex option features the most aggressive flex and pop in our range. Boards with Hard Flex have more dynamic power development when jumping, more stiffness for better control on ultra-hard landings and a unique pop to always be one step ahead of your competitors.

Torsion Flex
Torsion FlexTorsion Flex

The special shape of the 3D cap allows torsion of the long axis of the board. This gives them more grip on the heel-side edge, rich and smooth landings, a direct drive and better upwind performance. Invented by Duotone.

3D View

Duotone Gambler 2019

True Quotes

Duotone Gambler 2019

Craig Cunningham
“I may switch between kites depending on discipline but the only twin tip I take to the water is the Gambler! Lot of rocker and the perfect flex to keep the landings soft and the ride smooth as well as reliable grind base that allows me to ride over absolutely anything!”
Craig Cunningham
“Whether it´s in the park or doing freestyle the Gambler is my board of choice. Plus the graphics are on point.”
Noè Font
Noè Font
Tom Court
“A board that I have been passionate about since it's beginning seven years ago, developed to take hard treatment in the park and heavy landings from tricks it is the strongest twintip in the range and my board of choice for riding boots.”
Tom Court


Duotone Gambler 2019


Duotone Gambler

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