Val Garat

Val Garat




Val Garat



South of France, Montpellier





Top 3 kitesurfing spots?

Greece, New Caledonia, South of France.


Favourite gear setup?

Vegas and Team Series 142 


The biggest achievements in your kiteboarding career

  • 2x Vice European Junior champion 2011, 2012
  • 2X French Champion 
  • 8th in the World Championships



Your hobbies aside kiteboarding?

Surfing, rugby and all kind of sports


What do you do on a day without wind?

If there are waves I surf, If not I go to the gym or I have a beer with my friends.


What style of music are you interested in?

French Rap, Reggae and all kind of music, depending on my mood. 


How and why did you start kiteboarding?

After having been passionate about windsurfing for years, my father started kiting and taught my whole family his new passion. I was too young to start so he bought me a little trainer kite, and I was spending days on the beach doing it. Then one morning, he gave me a real kite, I went on the water, and I was the happiest kid on earth. 


Why are you riding for Duotone?

Because it’s the most inspiring brand on the Kiteboarding world, with the best kiteboarding gear and with a team of passionate people with who I share the same vision. It’s a honor to be part of this team, and riding for Duotone. 


What is your main goal for the future?

To push my riding as much as possible in freestyle, participate to the King of the Air, and still enjoying it to the max ! 


What training do you do to stay fit?

I spend all the winy days on the water, and I follow a specific training at the gym. 


What would have been your job if you wouldn´t be a pro kiteboarder?

I have always been dreaming to become a pro kiteboarder on day, this dream came true, so I really don’t see me otherwhere. 



Val Garat


Val Garat