Tom Court



Isle of Wight, UK





Top 3 kitesurfing spots?

There are so many great spots to ride that it is hard to list a top three, however I would say the best and most crazy spots that I have ever been to would be Wakatobi in East Suluwaisi, Pacas Mayo in Peru and Masira in Southern Oman. I like to explore!


Favourite gear setup?

For me it’s the Dice Kites, as I have helped develop them over the years. I switched from the Vegas to the Dice to give me more wind range for traveling, as well as my Gamber 143 and boots combo. I also love the new Pro Wave for some down the line action and strapless. I currently use the click bar too. 


The biggest achievements in your kiteboarding career

British Junior Champion 2002, British Champ 2003, 11th PKRA world title 2008, 1st Animal Windiest 2009, 1st Slider Party France 2012, 3rd Kite Park Russia 2013, 3rd Triple-S Park 2015 - As well as helping to set up the Kite Park League Series with a group of riders and competing in that until 2016, now I am an ambassador for Armani and have set up a series of ‘slice of life’ coaching camps with Kite World Wide…


Your hobbies aside kiteboarding?

I have plenty, ranging from surfing, paragliding, skating, wakeboarding, MTB, filming and video production for my YouTube channel.


What do you do on a day without wind?

Always make the most of it!


What style of music are you interested in?

I like to say ‘good music’ however I have a taste for hip hop, D&B and classical.


How and why did you start kiteboarding?

I started when I was around 11 years old right as the sport was just beginning in Europe. I got right into it and once my father had banned me from it as it was ‘too dangerous’ that is all I wanted to do.


Why are you riding for Duotone?

I have been riding and working with the team behind Duotone for many years now, it is always important for an athlete to have a good relationship with that brands that support you and to be able to provide the equipment that will help you improve and explore your sport. Duotone is by far one of the most dedicated brands in the industry with a great team of creative people behind it. For me that is what will make it the best Brand out there…


What is your main goal for the future?

I think it has to be to start giving back to the industry in some way, I have started with the camp series that I am doing to help people improve and show them my vision of the sport, and then it would be great to re-visit the Youngblood concept with some of the other team riders who came from the early days and start to see new grommets on the rise.


What training do you do to stay fit?

I have a personal trainer that I work with three times a week at home, when I am not traveling, working of strength, conditioning and a little bit of nutrition. Also Sophie, my Fiancée is a personal trainer, so she helps me stay in shape when I am on the road ;)


What would have been your job if you wouldn´t be a pro kiteboarder?

I also have a video production company, RipSlix ltd, so I think I would have done something along those lines; however, my real passion with video has been to display kiteboarding for how I think it should be seen!


What´s your favourite food?

Scampi & Chips ;)


What did you always want to say?

Nothing I haven't already said at some point.




Tom Court