Duotone Kiteboarding Dice 2020


Art.-No. 44200-3002

Freestyle, waves and big air, the Dice does it all and can handle anything you can throw at it.

Key Features

Duotone Dice 2020

Powerful lift and huge jumping abilities

Most important for Freestyle manouvers, boosting, old-school style and overall performance.

Precise steering

Crucial for exact manouvers and total control at any time.

Smooth Kiteloops and excellent unhooked pop

Due to the 3 different pigtails positions the kite is perfect for both big airs, looping and unhooked performance.

4-line bridled 3 strut design

The secret for progressive freestyle kites, capable of incredible pop and great slack for performing tricks.

Solid LE Frame Design for ideal handling

Ideal handling and responsive steering is achieved due to the Solid LE Frame Design. It allows to boost bigger jumps and control loops with ease.

New trailing edge design for less canopy wear

A narrower trailing edge and a lighter combination of materials to reduce wear and to create a slicker kite profile.

Dice 2020

Duotone Kiteboarding Dice 2020 Product Video


Duotone Dice 2020

Freestyle Unhooked SLACK / POP
Freestyle Hooked LOOP / FAST TURNING
Rec. Line Length
Weight without bag (kg)
22 (24)22 (24)22 (24)22 (24)22 (24)22-2422-242424


Duotone Dice 2020

The Dice is an incredibly versatile all-rounder; it’s the perfect tool for the rider who doesn’t like to define their kiteboarding. If you prefer to ride whatever the conditions throw at you, or indeed whatever takes your fancy, then the Dice is the right choice. Lasse Walker uses the Dice at the King Of The Air and the Megaloop Challenge, Tom Court uses it for freestyle and Matchu Lopes for wave riding, and the only definition is the one you give it. For 2020 the pulley in the bridle has been removed, making the steering even more accurate and responsive, enhancing its kite loop and wave riding characteristics. The new trailing edge wave design reduces canopy wear and flutter significantly, and the Dice can still be ridden in a four or five line set up depending on your preference. For years riders have been enjoying the Dice for freestyle and waves and now it’s got the big air credentials too! If you want a kite that can do it all, whatever mood you, or Mother Nature is in, you want the Dice.

Tech features

Duotone Dice 2020

Trinity TX
Trinity TXTrinity TX

Teijin is the world’s leading supplier of polyester fabrics and sail materials to marine sports. The combined creative power of Duotone saw the formulation of TRINITY TX. Exclusive to Duotone, TRINITY TX is a 3x2 canopy material, which has proven to be far superior to other canopy materials in terms of durability and dynamic performance.

The 3x2 yarn combination has proven to be the best solution in performance as well as durability, overall superior to any 2x2 or 4x4 yarn solutions. TRINITY TX. Made to stand the test of time.

Load Distribution Panels
Load Distribution PanelsLoad Distribution Panels

As kite geometry improves, the canopy must continue to resist increasing forces. To spread these forces, Load-Distribution-Panels are used, holding the kite’s shape even under the most extreme loads. In practice this gives a smoother and more consistent performance from the kite in any riding situation.

Double-V Pigtails
Double-V PigtailsDouble-V Pigtails

These pigtails distribute the load of the line connections to the kite, minimizing the risk of fatigue, making the kite less prone to distortion and helps it to steer more smoothly.

Kook Proof Connectors
Kook Proof ConnectorsKook Proof Connectors

The kook proof line connection points prevent accidents by guaranteeing that you cannot accidentally connect your lines incorrectly when rigging your kite.

Heavy Duty Leading Edge Closing Seam
Heavy Duty Leading Edge Closing SeamHeavy Duty Leading Edge Closing Seam

The leading edges of all kites are extremely durable due to a special heavy duty closing seam. The Dacron material at the leading edge is reinforced with a self sticky Insignia Tape and double stitched additionally. The Heavy Duty Leading Edge Closing Seam is resistant to very high tensions and diagonal forces.

Fusion Strut
Fusion StrutFusion Strut

This construction allows for a controlled distribution of forces between strut and leading edge. Struts are 100% connected to the leading edge with a flexible Dyneema line, which promotes higher canopy tension and a clean profile.

Self Rescue Handles
Self Rescue HandlesSelf Rescue Handles

The self-rescue handles on the inside of the wingtips can be easily found in case of an offshore break down. They provide a good, comfortable grip while sailing back to the shore during a self-rescue manoeuvre.

Anti Snag
Anti SnagAnti Snag

The Anti Snag webbing is preventing the lines from tangling around the tip of the kite. Waterstarts are made easier and safety is increased.

Modern Trailing Edge Design
Modern Trailing Edge DesignModern Trailing Edge Design

A narrower trailing edge with a lighter combination of materials to reduce wear and to create a slicker kite profile.

Size finder

Duotone Dice 2020

Specifically designed to assist you in finding the perfect setup for the conditions that you ride, it’s a fun feature that will help you construct the optimum quiver within our extensive range of products.

Your Weight

3D view

Duotone Dice 2020

True Quotes

Duotone Dice 2020

Lasse Walker
“The 2020 Duotone Dice is a machine! Through the new refinements it absolutely excels in performance when I’m doing Extreme Big Air, however, it also still has the overall feel and smooth handling the Dice has become famous for.”
Lasse Walker
“The Dice continues to impress me! The first thing I noticed about the new Dice is that the kite itself has been made even lighter so I am able to fly my 12m in even lighter wind. In strong wind when I’m on the smaller sizes, I feel I can jump higher and I have a more direct feeling with the kite in kiteloops. There is so much diversity in the Dice.”
Hannah Whiteley
Hannah Whiteley
Reno Romeu
“The new Dice is like my DNA, it matches my riding style 100%. I froth on doing extreme big airs, and with the new Dice I can boost higher and pull off more aggressive megaloops than ever before, it’s so sick!!”
Reno Romeu
“If I have to put it simply, the 2020 Dice is SO. MUCH. FUN. Improved slack with a super steady and consistent pull make this kite everything I could want. It still has the range I demand for riding in all conditions and doing well in competitions but now with slightly less pull through the handle-pass it really is my dream!”
Colleen Carroll
Colleen Carroll
Ralf Grösel
“Inspired by the RedBull King of the Air and team rider Lasse Walker, the DICE has been equipped with a fixed bridle system to unleash the most radical performance we have every seen on a bridle C-Kite.”
Ralf Grösel


Duotone Dice 2020

Trinity TX

Trinity TX


Duotone Dice 2020

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Overall rating
Improved for 2020
by Lewis Crathern from Worthing / UK
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Megaloops are much more direct with this kite now with the removal of the pulley. The dice 2020 is very reactive in my hands. The 10m stands out as the best kite in the range in which you can begin megalooping in moderate windspeeds. 4 Line flyers will love the simplicity of this kite and the extra depower available over a straight C Kite. Absolute love this kite and first one in the bag on any of my trips.

Yes, I would recommended this to a friend.