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Duotone Foils

(mast and plane)

Foils have been the latest trend in kitesurfing in the last couple of years and slowly but steady developed into an own niche in kiteboarding, requiring specialized equipment and even developing own categories like freestyle, freeride and race foils. Due to these quite fast developments, we will try to assist you in finding exactly what you need for your style to experience the fastest progression and the most fun.

Where are you going to use your Duotone foil?

Depending on the circumstances of the spot and the discipline you want to practice, you’ll find a quite big variety of options for your foil masts and planes (fuselage, front and back wing). E.g. if you want to win races, only a racing dedicated full carbon mast and plane combination like the Duotone Daytona is the right foil for you; if you want to go freeriding only, a harder to ride racing setup could probably lead to frustration. Therefor we’ll help you with those questions, but also with our “Stylefinder”, which you’ll find on the webpage.

What should I be aware of when choosing a Duotone Foil?

When choosing a foil, make sure you chose the right mast, fuselage, front and back wing combination for exactly your needs. Most masts and wings can be combined, but you need to make sure to find the right combination for your discipline and your personal preference. If in doubt, demo events or the "Stylefinder" right next to the Duotone foils on the webpage will point you in the right direction.

How is a Duotone foil built?

All foils are built out of materials ensuring the best combination of weight, durability and performance. Starting at the top of the range with the Duotone Daytona, a full carbon mast and plane, followed by different aluminium mast options, carbon front and back wings as well as carbon compound front and back wings. Due to a controlled development and production process, all parts fit perfectly together to ensure a minimum of swing and the most solid plane and mast combination for a smooth, fast and easy to control ride.

Foil - Wing Shapes

Depending on the discipline, all foils are offering different wing shapes for front and back wings. E.g. a rather slow and very stable surf wing is quite huge, fast race wings on the other hand are thin and designed with way less surface.

Foil - Mast lengths

Shorter mast lengths are offered to help beginners to get on the board fast and safe and as well are necessary for spots which shallow water. Longer masts enable the rider/racer to achieve more radical leaning angles/angles of attack and are easier to handle in shore break.

Foil - Adjustment shims

Different shims can be used to tune the angle of the back wing to your personal preference.

What does "D-LAB" mean?

D-LAB stands for "Duotone Laboratory". As the name suggests, this is where completely new materials, production techniques and construction methods are developed. D-LAB products push the limits in terms of what was previously thought feasible or conceivable, setting new standards in the kite industry. These new technologies appear to defy the laws of physics. D-LAB products are genuinely the pinnacle of engineering prowess and will usher in long-term changes in kite sports.

Where can I get spare parts for my Duotone Foil?

Now and again you may find that you have e.g. lost a screw. Spare parts can be obtained from lots of kite shops or from the Duotone online shop.