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Building on the success of our latest range of Carve wings, the design goal of the Carve 2.0 was to push the performance of these mid aspect wings even further.

Our team riders wanted more glide, more speed and less drag, all whilst increasing the manoeuvrability and maintaining our trademark control at high speed.

We decided to start from a blank page and pretty much changed all the design parameters of the wing: higher aspect ratio, new outline and curvature, new profiles and twist along the wing.

Not only that but each individual size has been tuned independently to best fit its intended use. The bigger 1430 for example has the lowest aspect ratio and thinnest profile, to maximise maneuvrability and reduce the drag, on the opposite side, our 850 as the highest aspect ratio and thickest profile, to improve the lift and delay the stall on such a small wing.

The Carve 2.0 is the go-to wing if you want to tackle “real waves”. What it sacrifices in terms of glide compared to the Free or the Glide, it makes up with higher top end speed and way more manoeuvrability on the wave face.

The Carve 2.0 is also the preferred choice of our freestyle team competing on the world tour. These wings allow them to load up for their jumps with more speed which translates into a more explosive pop. The medium aspect ratio also means that the hard landings are a lot less stressful for the rest of their gear.

This same medium aspect ratio is also what makes the Carve 2.0 wings a great choice for Kite Foiling. Riders can lean on their mast more aggressively without the wing tips coming out of the water. If you are an intermediate to advanced rider looking at the one wing that can do it all, from Wing Foiling in big waves to high-speed runs on the Kite Foil, the Carve 2.0 is the answer!

Stabilizer P

Our latest range of stabilizers, specially designed to complement our Carve 2.0 and Glide ranges. The P series stands for performance! We increased the aspect ratio of the stabilizers so that they would produce more lift whilst being smaller in surface area.

Doing so helped us decreasing the drag and increasing the maneuvrability without loosing that high speed control which our foils are famous for. The P Stabilizers are available in four sizes, 165/180/200/220. Each of them slightly tweaked to work perfectly with our new front wings.

These new stabs are almost completely flat and have lost the little winglets which can be found on our other range: the C Stabilizers.

By making these changes we were able to loosen the feel in the turns, which gives an exciting flavour to our new front wings.

Take full advantage of our brand new thin shims and tweak the angle of attack of your stabilizer by +/- 0.3 degrees increments, to suit your particular riding style, or the conditions on a given day.

Improved pump & glide over previous Carve range
Fast and easy
Fast and minimal drag - optimized for each individual size
Quick response for intuitive surfing and great pop for freestyle
Wing Set Aero Carve 2.0 SLS - C99:random
High Performance
Turns / Carves
Pop / Landings
Downwind / Pumping
Early Flight
Learn & Progress
Surface (cm / in²)
Span (cm / in)
Aspect Ratio
Rec. Stabilizer
Screw Hole 1 (CRBN FL / ALU FL)
Screw Hole 2
Screw Hole 3 (closest to mast)
Rec. Torque
Best Size
850 / 131.8
75 / 29.6
P 180
15 Nm
Best Size
1100 / 170.5
83 / 32.9
P 200
15 Nm
Best Size
1430 / 221.7
93 / 36.5
P 200
15 Nm

Specific Size Information

The Aero Carve 2.0 SLS 850 has it all – it’s got instant turning and response in the waves, exciting speeds for both winging and kite foiling, incredible pop for Freestyle and the glide and low drag efficiency to make it through flat sections. This is the one wing to have in your quiver! Slightly higher aspect ratio than the 850 D/Lab and a slightly more cambered profile give it better pump and glide but a little lower top speed and less aggressive turning ability.

The 1100 is the medium and most popular size in the Aero Carve 2.0 SLS family. Intermediate riders will choose this wing for waveriding in small to medium waves and freestylers will love it in light to medium wind conditions.

Best suited to heavy kitefoilers or light conditions, the 1100 SLS is a great allrounder that feels slippery for it size and easy to use. It can also be used for prone surfing, where its turning ability is only matched by the smaller Carve 2.0’s, although realistically it will not pump as well as our other higher aspect front wings. Slightly higher aspect ratio than the 1100 D/Lab and a slightly more cambered profile give it better pump and glide but a little lower top speed and less aggressive turning ability.

Our biggest Carve 2.0, best suited to winging in light wind conditions, small waves days and freestyle for heavier riders. Works well for prone surfing with descent pumping to get back to the line up. The thin profile used on this wing keeps its drag relatively low, making it a good candidate even for kite foiling in light wind conditions.

Quote Finn Spencer

»My best choice for Kite, Foil and Wing Foiling – one for all!«

— Finn Spencer

Front Wing Range Overview


Our Range Overview shows you the factors in which our Front Wings differ from each other.

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