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SLS stands for Strong Light Superior and is your gear that empowers you to push your limits and strive for peak performance without compromise.

Introducing the Whizz SLS, our latest foil addition, specifically designed for dedicated Prone and Wake Foiling but coming with great potential for Wing Foiling as well. This lineup complements our Carve 2.0 and Glide series, crafted with the goal of creating a wing that pumps effortlessly for linking multiple waves and offers exceptional maneuverability for executing tight turns on the wave.

The Whizz SLS features a mid-aspect ratio of 8.5, enough to balance efficient pumping capabilities with maneuverability. Its straight outline with zero sweep maximizes lift-to-drag ratio, enhancing pumping efficiency. The wing's unique appearance, especially from the front view, features a progressive dihedral shape that makes the Whizz feel exceptionally playful and responsive.

Our design team utilized a robust airfoil design similar to our Glide 2145 pump wing, delaying stall and allowing riders to kick out of waves at low speeds while continuing to pump effectively. Each size of the Whizz wings is fine-tuned with adjusted thickness and camber to ensure a broad speed range and powerful lift at slow speeds.

We've also developed a new range of stabilizers to complement the Whizz's characteristics. The Stabilizer S features minimal sweep and a slight dihedral angle, contributing to a fun and loose feel. This unique profile used is different to our P or C stabilizers and really helps to improve the setup's pumping efficiency.

The Whizz SLS range is available in sizes 850, 1000, 1200, and 1450. The smaller sizes cater to advanced surf foilers looking for maximum wave maneuverability and are also suitable for wing and kite foiling. The larger sizes are designed for beginners or heavier riders seeking an easy platform for learning or advancing their prone surfing or wake foiling skills. They are also ideal for SUP foiling in slow and weaker swell conditions and offer a playful option for dockstart wings for intermediate to advanced riders.

For optimal performance, we recommend pairing the Whizz front wing with our 66cm Alu fuselage, positioned slightly forward in your tracks compared to our Carve or Glide wings. For added playfulness, consider our shorter 60cm fuselage, or for a more controlled ride, our longer 74cm option is available.

Discover the unique character and capabilities of the Whizz SLS range and see why it has impressed our entire team with its innovative design and performance.

Stabilizer S

Along with the new Whizz SLS front wings we’ve developed a new range of stabilizers to best match the character of the Whizz. The outline of the Stabilizer S, with very little sweep and a slight dihedral angle gives these back wings a really fun and loose feel. The profile used is completely different to our P or C stabs and really helps in making the whole setup much better at pumping while maintaining maximum playfulness.

Playful and loose
Surprisingly playful and loose in roll axis
Great for Pumping
Great pumping ability with low stall speed
Extremely “flowing” and intuitive on the wave
Turning behavior
Almost unnoticeable tip breaching behavior during turns
Carbon layup
Light and strong carbon layup for a great mix of weight, stiffness and strength;
Innovative dihedral
Innovative dihedral for fluid rail to rail turns
Pumping optimized profile
Pumping optimized profile and camber with very low stall speed
Zero sweep design
Zero sweep design for highest pumping efficiency
Compatible with Duotone Aero AL, AL 3BS and Fanatic Carbon & AL fuselages
Surface (cm / in²)
Span (cm / in)
Aspect Ratio
Rec. Stabilizer
Screw Hole 1 (CRBN FL / ALU FL)
Screw Hole 2
Screw Hole 3 (closest to mast)
Rec. Torque
Best Size
850 / 131.8
86.0 / 34.0
S 165
15 Nm
Best Size
1000 / 155.0
92.0 / 36.4
S 185
15 Nm
Best Size
1200 / 186.0
99 / 39.1
S 210
15 Nm
Best Size
1450 / 224.8
107 / 42.3
S 210
15 Nm
Quote Jeffrey Spencer

»The Whizz is the most maneuverable foil I’ve ridden that has plenty of glide. It feels easy to pump back out to the next wave and it’s great at tight turns and quickly going from rail to rail. The 850 is my go-to surf foil and one of my favorites for winging in smaller waves.«

— Jeffrey Spencer

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