In July, Duotone called out to kids and youth aged between 8 - 18 years old to join the international camp in El Gouna. The vision was to awaken the next generation’s passion for action sports, give them the opportunity to learn from professionals and thus enable them to enter the world of action sports more easily. When looking at the results of the King of the Air event in 2022, it be­comes obvious that this concept lays the groundwork for the next generation of professional kiteboarders.

Out of the 8 Duotone team riders participating in the Red Bull King of the Air, 4 of the participants were Young Bloods: Andrea Principi, Lorenzo Casati, Edgar Ulrich, and Beto Gomez, with Lorenzo claiming the title and Andrea, 2022 GKA Big Air World Champion, coming in third.  What a success story!


“On the one hand, we want to show kids, youth, and parents the positive effects that sports can have on their body and mind, like feeling healthy, gaining confidence, and increasing mental strength and focus”, says Philipp Becker, International Marketing Manager at Duotone. “On the other hand, we also want to get the importance of professionalism across to the Young Bloods. Good riding is essential for a pro rider but it is not everything. Lastly, we of course are looking for new talents to support.”

With a super comprehensive team consisting of two of Duotone’s legendary team riders (Aaron Hadlow and Reno Romeu), a film crew, top kite instructors,  a training and injury prevention coach,  and off-the-water content mentors, Duotone was all set to make this an epic week to remember. 


“To be part of the Young Blood project was an honor for me”, Reno Romeu says. “I took part in the very first Young Blood back in 2006 and I was the very first one chosen to become a part of the international team at the time. So, to go back now, hopefully as an inspiration and to share all of my expertise with the new Young Bloods, felt incredible. All  of them are extremely talented, and  it’s so interesting to watch them because you see the different characters; every rider has some specific qualities,  and with all of the Duotone team over there, we helped them improve in their weak points.”

“There were many things that were discussed” Aaron Hadlow states, “but I wanted to bring across a few key points to the group, mainly staying focused, keeping motivation, and being prepared for injury. Focus and motivation were something I was able to overcome, but  I saw many opportunities to lose it, and I did at certain points. Having other interests off the water can be great for this, art, writing, photography, IT, editing, engineering, etc. This can improve your career and improve your skills and value as a rider later down the line.“


Fabio Ingrosso was signed as the  Head Coach for the camp; he is also the head coach for 6 × World Champion Mikaili Sol. Toby Bromwich, published photographer in kiteboarding since 2005, former World Tour judge, and magazine editor, made sure to capture the action together with videographers Carlos Guzman Ortega and Julien Leleu.

An inspiring call with Simona de Silvestro, Porsche test and reserve driver, FIA Formula E, an exciting GoPro challenge, Wim Hof training with breathing exercises and ice baths, as well as yoga sessions nearly every day before breakfast, completed the setup.


With support of partner Porsche, Duotone plans to continue the International Young Blood Camp in  2023, giving more groms the chance  to experience this exceptional concept. Additionally, there will be some  national camps taking place. Keep  your eyes peeled!