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Marc Paré usually gets his portion of adrenaline from competing …and joy and reward by winning heats!
Undoubtedly Marc counts as one of the hottest candidates for future Wave World Championship titles, whereas he calls himself just a “mad keen windsurfer”.

Are you eager to know how the Spanish Pro from Catalunya spent this season without competitions - his first on Team Duotone - which new experiences he made and how he further pushes his riding?



"I love to push myself every time I go out sailing and try to be the best on water!"


It has been almost one year since you have joined Team Duotone. Have you settled in well with your new teammates?

I was already really good friends with Victor, Adam, Arthur and Klaas, so it’s been super easy for me and an absolute pleasure to have them now as my team mates. It makes testing, traveling and photoshoots much more fun and enjoyable that way!

In spring you got directly involved into the development of the new Duotone Super Star sail on Maui. What kind of experience was that for you? Are you happy with what you riders have created together with our Sail Designer Kai Hopf?

I love testing a lot and working with Kai is just like a dream. The knowledge he has about sail designing and windsurfing is unreal, so it’s awesome to be around him and giving him the feedback and then learning how each change makes the sail feel completely different.

You ended in 9th position in the PWA Wave 2019 Ranking. Since then all World Cups have been cancelled due to the Corona pandemic. How much do you miss competing and where have you spent been sailing this season?

I miss the adrenaline rush of competing and the joy and reward of winning heats and sailing good in competition. But, at the same time, it’s been a good year to just enjoy windsurfing without any pressure and focusing more on getting all the gear dialed in for the next season! Was lucky enough to spent four months on Maui during lockdown, then going straight to the Canary Islands, Denmark, home for a few weeks and now Denmark again!

Watching your current footage on social media, you seem to be in great shape. What is your secret to remain physically strong and mentally focused? How do you keep yourself motivated to further push your riding with no possibility to “officially” prove your skills?

Thanks! I am just a mad keen windsurfer and love to push myself every time I go out sailing and try to be the best on water (so it’s just like my own little competition hahaha).

It also looks like you are currently blessed with great wave conditions in the Mediterranean Sea. Where are your home spots? And what is your favorite one? In which way does the home spot affect a windsurfers riding? Do you think there are advantages or disadvantages to riders who live on Maui or in Pozo?

I went on a short two-day trip with some friends to the South of France and we were lucky enough to score some epic wave sailing conditions. My home spots are Roses and Pals. In Roses we normally just sail slalom on big sails and rarely wave-sail (twice a year probably), and Pals works with strong North wind and brings some small waves for wave-sailing. I think it gives the rider the upper hand on the certain kind of conditions of the spot they sail in. I think the main advantage is that they know the spot way better and they have the tricks needed for the spot.


You are spending more time at home than usual. What kind of experience is that for you? Are there any new places or activities in beautiful Catalunya, Spain, which you would not have discovered in a regular World Cup Season?

Unluckily or luckily have just been at home for around two weeks and a half in total since I left for Maui at the beginning of March. So, haven’t had much down time yet… But definitely enjoyed it and did some other activities that normally wouldn’t do during the little time I’ve been there.

For a windsurfing pro without competitions it has become even more important to represent yourself through own channels. How do you handle that situation or even learn for your future?

I feel like I always try to post as much as I can on my social media, at least trying to share my sessions and nice footage with my followers and rest of the network maybe now just had to boost it a bit more.

Currently it is difficult to predict what will be in one year. How do you set your goals for the next season?  Do you have any interesting projects in mind?

I am just going to keep training and pushing as hard as I can to be ready if we get events again next year! Would be great to have the chance to film a couple nice video projects!

Talking about the future. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

I would like to be enjoying windsurfing to the max, sailing as much as I can, traveling and hopefully at the top of my game in competitions!

Any further Motto or statement you want to share with us?

Windsurfing, windsurfing, windsurfing, windsurfing…!!!!!

Pictures: FishBowlDiaries, JC