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cold hawaii

"The future of the sport is in safe hands" - PWA


Proven by a bunch of talented windsurfers at the 2020 Noerstick Cold Hawaii PWA World Tour Youth and Junior event which took place at the windy Danish west coast.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the senior PWA World Tour stop scheduled for the 13th-19th September was replaced by a contest for the World’s best Youths during the same dates. The youth riders took their chance to get their names into the judges heads.

Our fantastic YOUNG BLOOD team showed some great moves and got rewarded with many podium places.

Duotone Windsurfing Klitmoller Team 3

Lina Erzen (2nd)

After all competitions being cancelled, we decide to go to Denmark. Even if wave sailing is not my main discipline, I am very happy with my performance and my first place in the super session. I wish there would have been more than just one good day of competing. After all it was a great experience!


Val Erzen (4th, U15)

I am super happy that I was able to join the competition here in Denmark and to show some of my best moves. I really enjoy sailing in waves, because I can ride big waves and jump as high as I want. I can't wait for the next competition!

Tobi (3rd, U15)

Seeing all of the other youth riders here at Cold Hawaii made this event very special. Normally I go to Spain or the Canaries to see them. During the competition I felt really nervous because it was a pretty windy and big day. My best manoeuvre was a wave in the first heat.


Maria (3rd)

All the heats took place on the first day of the competition. We competed in U15, U17 and U20 divisions. Unfortunately there was not enough wind for more heats during the rest of the week, but we did fun Super Sessions with some of the pro Duotone riders, like Victor, Marc and Arthur.

pre-test to pro competition

"The next generation were given a stern test with the North Sea throwing up some sizeable nuggets, while fluctuating winds -20-35 knots - made things tricky at times. However, they passed that test with flying colours with every fleet putting on impressive performances. " - PWA


SUPER SESSION - team edition - Day 4

"Strong north westerly winds greeted the competitions on Day 4 of the 2020 ​Noerstick Cold Hawaii PWA Youth Wave World Cup, which led to the organisers staging a super session with a difference…Instead of the usual biggest trick wins, this time the next generation were split into teams led by pro captains (...). Only one sailor from each team was allowed on the water at a time and they would then need to land their best jump and link together their best wave as quick as possible." - PWA

Victor: "We also took part of the Youth event at the team super session. It was fun to share heats with the youth that are so passionated for windsurfing and it was great to see how they react while competing."

And this is how it looked like (pics by Catherine Yde, PWA):