Henning Nockel
Henning Nockel

Henning Nockel

Henning Nockel is living the aquatic life in Kiel, North Germany and can claim to be a true Wing Foiling pioneer.


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Kiel, Germany

German Champion Surf-Freestyle & Surf-Race (Master Class)

Henning Nockel loves to play in the water. This former pro windsurfer participated in all kinds of board sports from the very beginning including Skateboarding, Surfing and Kiteboarding. Also, with Wing Foiling, Henning was there from the very first minute. He started in early 2019, even before Wings were available in stores in Germany!

The creativity and freedom are what Henning loves most about this new way of going sideways. When he is not on a shoot following his profession as a photographer, he is out on the water, in any kind of conditions! This dad of two kids fosters the next generation by riding and coaching in the “Wing Bay” of Kiel, or during our German Young Blood Camps.