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When it comes to progression, we know that it´s 50% you, 50% crew. Download the Wing Foiling Academy for free today and redefine your limits - together!


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Progression is key! No matter if you are a rookie or a seasoned pro, the Duotone Wingfoil Academy app is your key to level up. Unlock over 98 videos to learn new tricks, share your progress and connect with the Wing Foiling community.

The Duotone Academy App is designed for aspiring wing foilers wanting to reach the next level. No matter if you are a rookie or an experienced rider, the Duotone Academy App will show you what's next in your progression. From beginner lessons to advanced freestyle moves, wave riding and foiling, the app offers tips & tricks for each Wing Foiling discipline and level.

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5 Lesson Categories

Set Up, Basics, Freestyle, Jumps and Wave
Set Up, Basics, Freestyle, Jumps and Wave

Detailed Videos

High quality and well explained videos to nail the trick.
High quality and well explained videos to nail the trick.

Share and vote

WIth our new social features you can share stories, special moments and connect with riders all over the world.
WIth our new social features you can share stories, special moments and connect with riders all over the world.


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The all-new stage

Here is where progression happens. Share your tricks as you land them to complete lessons, earn points and unlock badges.
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Connect with your community

It’s never been easier to connect with your community - you can search for spots, riders and new tricks all in one place. Direct message your friends and followers to share your progress, celebrate new tricks or meet up and ride together.

How to use SPOTS


Are you arriving at a new wing spot and would like to share your live check-in location with the community. Or even before a trip, you can scan who's already at the spot. Simply click on the lower right location button on the map and select the spot and time you will be there. Of course, you can also cancel your check-in or change your location anytime.


The tap "checked in wingfoilers" will show you all live check-ins from the community in your selected map section. By zooming out of the map, you'll see more "live foilers," or zoom in to see fewer. While swiping up the tap, the whole list of riders is visible, with a location icon giving directions to their wing spot. Further, you also see users riding level and time at the location. As well as you can send the checked-in riders a direct message, for instance, when you let them know you are coming for a session.


To add a new wingfoil community spot on the map, go to the "stage" section in the app and click on the top "plus" icon. Select "wingfoil moment," where you can add a picture or video of the spot you’d like to add on the map. After you have selected the content to upload, click on the "add location" field, and you will be directed to the map to choose the new wing spot. Further, you can also add additional information to the community spot, such as the required riding level, best wind possibility, and probability. After clicking "upload," other users can see your newly created spot with a flag symbol on the map.


You'll find all users who marked the spot as their home spot by clicking on the pins with a "home" symbol. For instance, you can message local riders about the best wind direction, tides, currents, or other obstacles to check before riding at a new spot.


You can upload your latest pictures and videos by clicking on the "stage" section in the App and selecting the upper right "+" symbol. Either by sharing a "wingfoil moment" or starting a "voting session." Simply choose the media you'd like to upload, and a tap will open, where you can "add location" and more detailed information about the spot. Via the "add spot information" section, you can select the required riding level, best wind months, and wind possibilities.


Would you like to see the map only with homespots pins or just Duotone Pro Centers around you? To search for selected spots, simply click on the filter icon on the map so only the pins you're interested in will be visible.


To help find certain spots quicker, you can use the search tap at the top of the map. For instance, when looking for spots you've already saved or a Duotone Pro Center. 


Go to the profile section in the app and click on the “settings” icon next to your user name.  After selecting profile details, go to “home spot” to search for your home wingfoil location and add it to your profile.

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Connect with our super coaches

We bring you and our team even closer together. Get tips and learn from the best wingfoilers in the world.
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Redefine your limits