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Witness the exciting union of Fanatic Products Wing Foiling and Foiling with the renowned Duotone brand. Since the establishment of Duotone in 2018, it has garnered immense strength, expertise, and customer acceptance in the realm of Kiteboarding products. Covering a vast spectrum of watersports, from Wing Foiling to Kiteboarding and Windsurfing, Duotone has become synonymous with innovation and excellence.

To further harness the extensive knowledge and capabilities within Duotone, we have made the strategic decision to integrate the performance products previously under the Fanatic brand into Duotone. This includes Wing Foiling / Windsurf boards and foils, enabling us to present a comprehensive range under the unified Duotone brand. In the commercial SUP sector, the beloved Fanatic brand will continue to thrive. Going forward, Duotone will represent the overarching brand for Wing Foiling, Foiling, Kiteboarding, and Windsurfing.

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One team and one brand

Fanatic and Duotone have long shared team riders, collaborated on captivating photo shoots, and synchronously launched products. In essence, we have already functioned as one team and one brand, with two distinct logos – an arrangement that has become increasingly inefficient for all parties involved. Wing Foiling has emerged as the fastestgrowing segment at Boards & More.

Our success in this field can be attributed to the combined expertise from all our sports divisions. The wings are now crafted under the guidance of Ken Winner, the esteemed Duotone kite designer, while Klaas Voget, formerly responsible for testing Windsurf wave boards, assumes the role of Wing Foil Division Manager for Product & Marketing. Craig Gertenbach, with nearly two decades of experience as Fanatic Brand Manager, will now lead as Wing Foil Division Manager for Sales. Together, Craig and Klaas spearhead the Duotone Wing Foil Division, overseeing the development of wings, boards, and foils.

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In our development process at Boards & More, we no longer work in individual sport-specific silos but rather in a crossover approach. Especially in the Wing Foil sector, there have always been many synergies between both brands across development teams that work together on wings, boards, and foils. When the wing matches the foil for speed, it simply makes for a much more enjoyable ride. With a "Perfect Match," you can extract even more performance from your setup. The best results are achieved in a shared world.

Synergies in the development of different sports greatly advance our products for our customers. The D/LAB and SLS lines, with innovative materials from the kite department, are incorporated into the wings. Boards in the wing foiling sector will continue under Duotone. A Sky Surf, Sky Style, or Sky Wing remains just that, but now it's a Duotone Sky.

Product excellence is further strengthened. Duotone stands for quality and innovation. Our customers no longer need to compare two brands; they get everything they need from a single source, especially when it comes to foiling. In testing, we noticed that windsurfers and kiters also appreciated foils that we originally developed for wing foiling. And wing riders suddenly started using a Duotone mast under their board because it's slimmer and faster. Previously, there were different mounting systems for kiteboarding, windsurfing, and wing foiling. It is a logical step to standardize this into one mounting system and create a meaningful, shared range for different segments. Keep it simple! The foil range will be maximally compatible across all areas of use.

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The new Duotone Foil Range

Commencing in 2024, the Duotone foil range will feature mast-fuselage combinations that seamlessly cater to Wing Foiling, Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Prone Foiling, Wake Foiling, Downwind Foiling, and Pump Foiling. Additionally, we offer front and back wings tailored for specific usage scenarios, while maintaining compatibility.

At Boards & More, we have always recognized the undeniable strength that lies in unity. Our journey began over 30 years ago with Windsurfing distribution, which laid the foundation for the remarkable success of Kiteboarding. Now, as we venture into the exhilarating realm of Wing Foiling, we owe our dynamic growth and progress to the abundant resources we've gained from the world of Kiteboarding.

The enduring bond that unites our brand family of sports emanates from the common platform we share within the Boards & More Group. From developers and importers to dealers and dedicated employees in Molln and Oberhaching, our decades of collective experience and unwavering commitment serve as the bedrock for driving innovation, ensuring uncompromising quality, and delivering exceptional service to our valued customers.

Together, we forge ahead, propelled by the strong ties that connect us, and with an unwavering determination to redefine what is possible in the world of watersports.

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