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The purpose of D/LAB is to make the best kiteboarding gear using the best materials and construction methods on this planet, no holds barred.

The new carbon prepreg construction guarantees a light, strong and stiff board. Optimised placement of the deep tuttle box as well as the footstrap inserts make the Indy really versatile, since litterally ANY tuttle race foil will work with this board. The Indy is approved for our new Daytona DOS D/LAB but also works with most other foils. The dimensions of the deck make it small enough that there is very little windage, while still keeping enough surface area to easily bounce up after touching down. The deck has a 6 degrees angle to the tuttle box, to give your front foot a raised position compared to your back foot. This is ideal for racing. With over 30L of volume, there is plenty of buoyancy for the light wind days, when you need some help from your board to get going. Carefully designed chamfers along the sides of the board, are the reason you can lean very aggressively upwind without the board touching the water. The light weight, stiff construction and pad-less deck allow for maximum feedback from the foil, which translates into a more engaged ride. Unlock the full potential of your race foil with the new Duotone Indy D/LAB!
Light weight construction
The light weight construction is the reason for a great feedback of the foil.
High volume
The high volume ensures easy planning.
Optimized rails
Optimized rails are the guarantee for higher leaning angles with a lot of control.
Medium Tuttle box
The medium tuttle box is the best solution for a rigid and safe connection.
Carbon Prepreg Construction
A rigid Carbon Prepreg Construction is the benchmark on the market.
Peel ply finish
The peel ply finish makes sure you don't slip.
Board Weight*
Best Size
4'8'' x 17 5/16''

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