After a successful summer in the Canaries with some great results at the PWA x IWT Youth World Cup in Pozo, the Young Blood team were well poised for the Youth and Junior Finals in Denmark, however the weather forecast heading into the event was not going to make it an easy ride for anyone!  

On Saturday morning, the youngsters were greeted by 50+ knots of wind and 4 meter waves and thus the call was made to head to Hanstholm as it would be slightly more protected than the main break at Klitmoller! Yet still the cross-offshore winds, gusting over 50 knots meant only the U20 Boys were sent out to battle for the World Titles, all with their 3.0 SUPER_HERO sails!  


Representing Team Duotone in the U20 Boys was Tobias Bjornna, Hannes Gobisch and Marlon Maethner. Danish local, Tobias, was the 2nd seed in the event and thus got a bye in the first round, but for Hannes and Marlon it was a fight from the word go. Unfortunately for Hannes, it was a first round exit in the single elimination after a long swim, however Marlon showed the time he has spent up in Denmark this year has really paid off – advancing all the way to 2nd place in the single elimination and guaranteeing his first PWA U20s podium! Tobias met Liam Dunkerbeck in the semi-final and despite some incredible technical wave riding, Liam just got the edge and left Tobias in 3rd place in the single – still a fantastic results as for Tobias and Hannes, it is only their first year in the U20 boys.  

Day 2 of the event saw the U17 boys up first – whilst the winds had backed off slightly and swung to more cross-on, it was still over 40 knots and the boys were all on 3.0 and 3.4 SUPER_HEROs. Carlos Kiefer looked unbeatable in this age group in the summer in his homespot in Pozo, and he showed here his talents are not refined only to one location. Busting out a perfect 10-point double forward in the winners’ final, Carlos once again took the victory. Also in the U17 Boys was German youngster Leon Maethner who unfortunately couldn’t compete in Pozo this summer due to school commitments but showed off some very impressive backloops and wave rides to finish in 3rd place.  


With both U20 Boys and U17 Single Eliminations completed, attention turned to the doubles. Alternating heats, the action was unrelenting. Hannes Gobisch was the stand-out rider in the U20 Boys as he advanced all the way from the first round, up to the 3rd place playoff, taking down some big names on route, where he was ultimately knocked out by teammate Tobias Bjornaa. It was then a battle of the Duotone boys where Tobias faced Marlon for 2nd place. This time Tobias’s local knowledge paid off and Marlon ultimately finished in 3rd place. Once again, Tobias had to face Liam Dunkerbeck (2 years his senior) and Liam was ultimately too good, although it was a very tight battle. As Tobi has another 2 years in the division, we are sure he will be fighting for the top spot once again next year!  


On the final day of competition we had the U15 and U13 boys and U20 girls. After winning in Denmark last year, Peter Gobisch was definitely the favourite for the title once again and with his impressive wave-riding skills he was unstoppable, taking victory in both the single and double eliminations. After a 3rd place in Pozo, 1st place here wasn’t quite enough to take the World Title but he finishes 2nd and on the podium for the 3rd year in a row!  


Peter’s youngest siblings, 10 year-old Trine and Anton Gobisch made their competition debuts in the U13s with Anton finishing 3rd in the U13 boys. As there weren’t enough girls for individual age categories, Trine was competing in the U20 girls and despite the other girls being a lot older than her, she still managed to finish 3rd! A huge achievement for her first ever competition!  

With podiums in almost every single division, we couldn’t be more proud of our Young Blood Team and we know for sure that the future is looking bright here!  


Photos by ilostawavein79.com