Climate Partner is a leading solutions provider for corporate climate protection. Together with its clients, ClimatePartner implements customized solutions for calculating and offsetting CO2 emissions to achieve climate neutrality for companies, services and products. As part of this process, Climate Partner ensures transparency through a clear labeling system that is anchored in an IT solution certified by the Austrian technical inspection authority (TÜV Austria). ClimatePartner is considered to be the inventor of the climate neutral printing process and participated in the creation of ISO 16759 for carbon footprinting for print products. For offsets, Climate Partner develops its own carbon offset projects and offers a broad portfolio of recognized carbon offset projects in cooperation with a global network of partners. Founded in 2006 in Munich, the company has 40 staff members in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as over 1,000 clients. ClimatePartner works closely with environmental associations and provides expert opinions on various international committees.
Waste2Wear produces fabrics and textile products from recycled plastic bottles since 2008. The company started off as a spin-off of Vision Textiles, a company established in China since 1998 by the Dutch textile engineer Monique Maissan with the objective of producing high-quality garments in a responsible way. Nowadays Waste2Wear employ 80 employees, covering almost 20 nationalities and have offices in nine countries around the world.
All our aluminum booms and extensions are produced by CTM an expert in manufacturing for almost 40 years. With the use of solar energy and a completely CO2-neutral production CTM sets high environmental standards. CTM being based in Germany and using 100% European raw materials, we keep shipping distances (to our manufacture and then to our central warehouse) at a minimum.
GSL was born in 1983 as North Sails, before being reincarnated in 2004 as Global Sports Lanka. We are today one of the leading suppliers of sails and kites to the international water sports industry.