Falcon_fin D/LAB 2024

What if you could have it all? A race winning shape, decades of experience AND an unbeatably stiff, light weight custom construction? The FALCON_FIN D/LAB is a completely new construction - with CUSTOM CNC SANDWICH TECHNOLOGY, it is the first board we have launched with the D/LAB seal of approval, denoting the desire to make the best windsurfing gear possible using the best materials and construction methods on the planet, with no holds barred. It truly is the performance racer's dream due to the world-class race board designs combined with mind-blowingly light weight, no compromise stiffness and individual layup to make a production slalom board unlike anything else on the market. Not only are all sizes now coming in the new construction but the 90 is also a completely new shape to accompany the 99 & 116 shapes that were successfully introduced this year and are the only fin boards to win a Men's PWA final in 2023.