Team Great Britain


Sarah Jackson, GBR - 71


2nd IFCA Slalom World Championships 2021

4th PWA World Rankings 2021

1st Youth IFCA Slalom World Championships 2018


Sarah's main discipline is Slalom, but she also loves wave sailing and winging in her free time.

Sarah is also our Marketing Manager here at Duotone Windsurfing! 

Alice Read, GBR-248


Slalom and Foil windsurfer from Oxford/ Portland


UK Slalom Champion 2021
6th PWA Foil 2021
2024 and 2028 Olympic campaign


BSc Ocean Science, interests in sustainability and the future of windsurfing



Clare Elliott, K - 101


2nd UKWA Women Freestyle 2019, 1st UKWA Women Freestyle 2018

7th PWA Women Freestyle 2017


Studying sport, fitness and coaching with the Open University & working as windsurf instructor at Club Vass

Lucas Meldrum, K - 579


BWA Cornwall Pro 3rd 2019, BWA Amateur Champion 2017, BWA Youth Champion 2016


Main discipline: Wave but loves to do a bit of freestyle for fun. Lucas is a student.


Sam Latham, K - 15


Top Kook 2019


Favourite disciplines are Wave and Freestyle

Sign Writer and Designer

Simon Pettifer, K - 67


3rd British speed champs 2019, 4th British slalom champs 2018, 3rd British speed champs & 4th British slalom champs 2017


Main discipline: Slalom & Speed Racing

Works as carpenter


Jenna Gibson, GBR - 96


2019 IFCA European Champion, 2018 IFCA World Champion & PWA Youth World Champion

3x Pro Ladies National Slalom Champion


Riding Slalom & Foil Racing

Occupation - Windsurfer & Board repairer

Tim Frampton, K - 78


1st British Masters Slalom


Riding Slalom & Foil Wing

UK Brand Manager ION Water & K66 working with Nik Baker and Fanatic/ION/Duotone


Rich Hobson, K - 93


4th Foil UKWA 2019


His favourite Discipline is Foil Windsurf and Wing Foiling

Tom Squires, GBR - 2


9th RSX World Championships 2020, 1st Sail Melbourne Regatta 2020

4th Olympic Test Event 2019


Main Discipline – RSX Race, Foil Race