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carlos kiefer-quintana


He is currently the youngest person on the planet to be landing double forward loops and part of the Duotone Young Blood Team... but who is he, what motivates him and what equipment is he using to achieve this level? 
Discover how it is for the 14 year old Carlos Kiefer-Quintana to have grown up with his older sister, Alexia at the World-Class jumping spot Pozo Izquierdo! 



"Jumping is what I enjoy most, because it is the most dangerous in windsurfing, I love the tension and I feel the adrenaline."

Pozo Izquierdo is one of the best wave spots in Europe and your home spot for a couple of years already. What is your first reaction, when you check the spot, and you see wind and waves perfectly pumping?  

First of all, I get crazy because I know I am going to have a lot of fun and I want to go as fast as I can in the water. I also start to think which moves I am going to try.

When we watch you sailing it looks like you are playing on windsurf equipment. What is the most FUN of windsurfing for you?

Jumping is what I enjoy most, because it is the most dangerous in windsurfing, I love the tension and I feel the adrenaline.



You are constantly improving your skills. How do you learn new moves?

My father and my coach Jorge Vera helped me a lot. Jorge is sometimes windsurfing behind me, that gives me a lot of confidence. At the end of the day, we analyse my jumps recorded on video.


Recently you landed your first double forward loop, so you are currently the youngest kid to make this move. How did you push yourself to really do it, and how did you feel, when you nailed it for the first time?

First, I was training the double front flip on trampoline. I also improved the forward loop until my technique was super good so that I knew perfectly how to stop or accelerate rotation and where I am during the rotation. Then I knew I was ready to go for it.


Last year you suffered from your first injury, where you broke your foot. How was it getting back into the water after this involuntary break?

I had a mental blockade; it was difficult for me to get back on the water and even to walk properly. I began physiotherapy sessions with Daida Ruano and she helped me a lot. She gave me back the strength and confidence to start windsurfing, firstly on flat water. She also showed me some exercises so that I could get stronger at home. 


How did you manage to get back confidence and even pushing your level harder than before?  
Finally, I got Daida’s green light to go back to Pozo and start jumping but only with small waves. After trying few medium sized jumps, I knew I was ready. Very soon I forgot my injury and started flying higher than ever before. It felt so good.


In Pozo you are used to seeing all the Windsurfing SUPER STARS on the water. Who do you like to sail with the most and who is your personal SUPER HERO?

Usually, I don´t sail with the big boys because they are sailing with each other and are much faster than me, but I enjoy the most being around my teammates Victor Fernandez and Marc Paré. Phillip Köster is my personal superhero.

What is your favorite windsurf set up? How much do you benefit from the Duotone NOW sail, which is specifically designed for smaller frame riders to perform on high level like the SUPER HEROs?

My favourite setup is the combination of Duotone NOW 3.2 and Fanatic Ultra Grip XS 60liter. The NOW sails are very light weight and perfectly working sails with good trimming range. Even with the 2.4 and over 50 knots I have plenty of control and can do controlled high jumps. This is a real sail for smaller people not only a kids beginners sail.


Your older sister Alexia and you call yourself the Pozo Bros. How do you support and push each another?

My sister, Alexia, is better at surfing and riding but I am better at jumping. We try to steal skills from each other, sometimes we also help each other giving some tips. 


You both belong to a new generation of talented and ambitious windsurfers and are part of the Duotone & Fanatic Young Blood Team. How much does that motivate you to pursue your dream of becoming professional windsurfers?

Since I started windsurfing, I am dreaming of being a professional windsurfer. My motivation is to make the moves as high, powerful and stylish like a pro windsurfer. I am also dreaming of travelling the world and getting to best spots for windsurfing. I will keep training very hard for my dream to come true.

What is the life you dream of and where do you want to be in 5 years?

In 5 years, I would like to be studying in Germany while I am training and competing in the main PWA fleet. The life I am dreaming of is to be a successful windsurfer.