Raoul Joa



Raoul Joa

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Windsurfing Since
I started when I was 13 years old back in 1980 - Shit, now everyone knows how (very) old I am :-)

Position at Duotone
Line & Product Manager


When and how did you get into your position?
That was 1992 after finishing high school and working at a Windsurf shop doing an extra-occupational study.

Your job is what many people would dream of.
What are your personal highlights and what are the biggest challenges?

Highlight: A “private” Windsurf session when I don’t have to test something being able to fully enjoy the beauty of the best sport on earth are the special moments worth living and working for.
Biggest challenge: The Duotone brand switch clearly was the biggest challenge given the short lead time we had. On a single product getting the Power.XT working flawless was kind of a miracle given the complex mechanism behind it.

How did you start into the new Era of Duotone?
It was an unbelievable feeling after the “unhealthy" amount of time and energy we had put into making Duotone come alive. Especially seeing our customers reflect so positively to our aim of taking all the tech&features we had developed under our former brand and mix it with a much cooler, fresher and approachable image and optic. It was like putting the cream on top of the ice.

Passion and Hobbies?
Windsurfing, E-Mountain Biking, any kind of electronic gadgets and my 2 dogs. 

What motivates you every day?
What drives me is to make the Windsurfing rig as easy to access/setup as possible. Cause with the information overkill nowadays people don’t wanna fuzz around with their setup or even instructions anymore.

Your philosophy of life?
Be clever with your personal “resources”. You shouldn't spend all your energy and time on things you cannot change. Better work with these “givens” rather than against them. This gives you the freedom and power to focus  on things you are able to influence/change. And don’t try to change all at once. In the long run patience will always win - harder to do than to say though :-)


Raoul Joa