Team Germany


Bernd Flessner, G - 16

16-times German Windsurfing Champion, 39 German titles in various disciplines, 3 times World Champion (IFCA 1996, Overall IFCA 2009 and 2011)


(photocredit: Lifestyle Malte Babion, Portrait by Arno Ufen)

Max Droege, G - 3

1st place German Freestyle Trophy, 2nd place German Freestyle Battles, ripping waves & student of manufacturingsystems engeneering


(photocredit: Ronja Droege)


Michele Becker, G - 277

German Champion Youth (U-21) 2018

4th Place Slalom Youth European Championships

Lars Paustian, G - 1999

1st PWA event entered Sylt Slalom 2017

4th place Overall DWC 2018


Foivos Tsoupras

4th Place EFPT GVA Wind Festival (Switzerland) 2021
1st Place Greek Championship stop on Naxos 2015
Several podiums at GermanFreestyleBattles since 2015

Born 1994 in Athens, living in Kiel (Germany) since 2014
Studying Multimedia Production

Ralf Ewers, G - 12

Speed German Champion 2017

12th place Speed World Championships 2016 

5th place at Speed European Championships 2015

Topspeeds 46,95 kn open / 41,23 kn lake


Rolf Hauff, GER-786

Foil Racing, Slalom

1st place Category Grandmaster, Foil Racing, German Windsurf Cup 2021 & 2020