Team Germany


Bernd Flessner, G - 16

16-times German Windsurfing Champion, 39 German titles in various disciplines, 3 times World Champion (IFCA 1996, Overall IFCA 2009 and 2011)


(photocredit: Lifestyle Malte Babion, Portrait by Arno Ufen)

Marco Lufen, G - 2626

Top 30 PWA Freestyle World Cup since 2014


(photocredit: Sebastian Schoeffel)


Max Droege, G - 3

1st place German Freestyle Trophy, 2nd place German Freestyle Battles, ripping waves & student of manufacturingsystems engeneering


(photocredit: Ronja Droege)

Michele Becker, G - 277

German Champion Youth (U-21) 2018

4th Place Slalom Youth European Championships


Lars Paustian, G - 1999

1st PWA event entered Sylt Slalom 2017

4th place Overall DWC 2018

Ralf Ewers, G - 12

Speed German Champion 2017

12th place Speed World Championships 2016 

5th place at Speed European Championships 2015

Topspeeds 46,95 kn open / 41,23 kn lake


Rolf Hauff, GER-786

Foil Racing, Slalom

1st place Category Grandmaster, Foil Racing, German Windsurf Cup 2021 & 2020