Team France


Kilian du Couëdic, F-777


French Champion Wave 2009
Winner of several local waves contests in Brittany


Born on 7th of May 1974 in Dinard North Brittany


Started windsurfing in 1989
Favorite discipline: Wave


Based in St Lunaire North Brittany the water man loves sailing in Longchamp (North Brittany) and Topocalma (Chile).

Jimmy Thiémé, F - 888

World Champion IFCA JUNIOR 2016 

2nd World Champion IFCA YOUTH 2017

Born on 1st of July 1999 in Hyères (still his homebase)


Started competing in windsurfing at the age of 12

Favourite discipline: Slalom



Tom Auber


Born - 9th of April 1999 - and based in Le Havre

Started windsurfing 2007 - at the age of 8!


The French waterman's favorite windsurfing discipline is Wave

Cesar Filippi, C 16


Date & place of birth: 7th of June 2006 in Lyon

Based in his favorite spot Carro, France


Started windsurfing at 8 years of age

Favorite discipline: WAVES!




Raphaël Filippi, C 111


Date of birth: 7th of December
Place of birth: Lyon

Based in Carro, France, his favorite spot is Hookipa


Started windsurfing at the age of 12

Favorite discipline: Wave & Foiling!


Yann Rifflet, F - 717


Date & place of birth: 7th of April 1984 in Le Chesnay


Yann partly lives in his second home and favorite spot Ibiraquera, Brasil

Based in Plouharnel, France


Started windsurfing in 1993

French windsurfing freerider, who loves waves!

Bastien Rama, F - 109


Born 17th of December 1988 in Grenoble

Homebase & homespot: Chambery & Lake Monteynard in the French Alps

Started windsurfing in Sardenia in 1993

Favorite discipline: Freestyle


Jean-Mat De Ridder


Born in Normandy on 26th of June 1984 & based on Ile d'Oléron


Started windsurfing back in the 90ies in Sao Martinho, Portugal


Favors waveriding and the spot Les Trois Pierres

Pascal Joly, F - 66


Date & place of birth: 2nd September 1966 in Toulon

Homebase & favorite spot: Marseille


Started windsurfing in 1980

Pascal loves & knows it all: Windsurf, Kitesurf and Foilwing


William Huppert, FRA 330


11th Place PWA World Cup Foil Overall Ranking


Born 27th of February 1995 in Saint Malo

Based in Dinard / France William's favorite spot is Noumea, New Caledonia


Started windsurfing at the age of 8 

Favorite discipline: Foiling

Clément Bozec, BZH 32


Born & based in Brest

Date of birth: 16th of August 1991


Favorite spot: Crozon - Le Dossen

Started windsurfing 2006 in the spot of Sainte Marguerite, Britany, France


Clément loves all varieties of windsurfing with Wave being his favorite discipline



Photocredit: Maxime Poriel