Alexander Hasch



Alexander Hasch

Murnau, Bavaria, Germany

Windsurfing Since

Position at Duotone
Marketing & Sales International


When and how did you get into your position?
I paid the Duotone boss to get the job.

Your job is what many people would dream of.
What are your personal highlights and what are the biggest challenges?

Highlight: Sharing waves with our riders during the annual Maui photo shoot. 
Biggest challenge: Making the Duotone brand switch a success within only around one year.

How did you start into the new Era of Duotone?
With a lot of tired eyes after tons of work but with a big smile on the face after the first positive feedbacks and lots of excitement and happiness.

Passion and Hobbies?
Windsurfing, Mountainbike, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Skiing, family, all kind of adventures

What motivates you every day?
The smile of my kids and the passion which comes along with our great sport of windsurfing.

Your Philosophy of life?
Do not let it get you. Be naughty and wild and wonderful.


Alexander Hasch