Wat maakt


zo bijzonder?

keer hogere scheur-weerstand5

keer hogere scheur-weerstand

minder uitrekbaar50%

minder uitrekbaar

lichtere constructie15%

lichtere constructie


Een sportiever, preciezer en
vlotter gevoel van de wing.

Duotone SLS
  • A quite stiff material, resulting in a high structural stiffness, especially recognizable in strong wind conditions, leading to less deformation of the overall structure of the wing
  • Guarantees for a very direct flex response and precise steering impulses
  • Penta TX is used in the leading edge and centre strut

SLS Range


Duotone SLS

“The Neo has been my first choice for so many years and I always loved it. But this year, you directly feel it's something different! The Neo SLS is really fast, really light and feels super solid. When you do your turns, even in tricky onshore conditions, the Neo SLS is very responsive, follows your turns. I don't want anything else anymore.”

Stefan Spiessberger