Duotone Foil Wing Olivia Jenkins interview
Foil Wing talk with Olivia Jenkins
Living full time in Maui is a lot of people’s dream scenario. Olivia Jenkins enjoying a short walk to the ocean and living a waterwomens life. And of course she recently jumped firmly onto the Foil [...]
Duotone Unit Behind the Design
Duotone Unit - Behind the Design with Ken Winner
Performance in waves and riding downwind requires a shape that is powerful to get you going as efficiently as possible; stable, in order to handle those gusty conditions often seen at wave spots;
Duotone Echo_Behind the design_Jaime Herraiz
Behind the Design of the Duotone ECHO Foil Wing with Jaime Herraiz
For 2020 we have worked hard to enhance your feelings on the water and above it! Here we catch up with Duotone legend Jaime Herraiz to talk about what went on Behind the Design of the Foil Echo Wing.
Duotone Foil Wing_ISPO Gold Award
Duotone’s diversity strikes gold at the 2020 ISPO Awards
Every year, the leading international sports network, ISPO, honours the industry's standout products with the ISPO Award. This week, the Duotone Foil Wing joined the competitive lineup of entrees in [...]
Duotone Product Designer Ken Winner
Foil Wing Designer Interview with Ken Winner
With the upcoming launch of the Foil Wing we flew over to Maui to catch up with designer Ken Winner to get insights into the development of his latest project.