Florian Panther



Florian Panther

Munich, Germany

Your sports
MTB, Water Sports & Snowboarding

Other Passions

Position at Duotone
Creative Director


When and how did you get into your position?
I started at Boards & More pretty much 10 years ago.
After focus on the kite department I got the chance to support the windsurf department in 2018. Since then I got more and more involved into product design through all brands inside B&M. 

Your job is what many people would dream of. What are your personal highlights and what are the biggest challenges
People dreaming about my job have most likely the wrong idea about what I am doing ;-) Actually its super interesting but most of the times just hard work… I like working as a part of a professional team with different skills where everybody can learn from each other. I like seeing products come to life. The first time you see a sail prototype in real, that you have designed on paper is always mega cool! The biggest challenge in design is that everyone has an opinion about it what makes it sometimes hard to take the right decisions…

How did you start into the new Era of Duotone?
Pretty drunk as far as I remember…

What motivates you every day?
Passion for product design.


Florian Panther