'The Sum of 5'

The Movie

The Sum of 5.


“We are not here to sell you on a dream. A video filled with smoke and mirrors.  The perfect day doesn’t exist. The perfect session, the perfect trip…moments of perfection are relative, intangible, unpredictable. They happen when every little detail comes together, with just the right timing….”

Passion and persistence are unrelenting forces that drive Hannah Whiteley, Mikaili Sol, Francesca Bagnoli, Paula Novotna and Colleen Carroll and bring them together as the cast of this most recent Duotone Episode. Despite their differences in background, discipline, personality or style, these five women met up in Soma Bay, Egypt this past fall to work on a group video and showcase their best riding as part of the first all female Duotone team photo shoot.

Boasting a formidable roster of female athletes, we felt it was time to put them in the spotlight and share with the rest of the industry just what they could do. What they came up with was better than we could have imagined. Coming closer together as a team, working towards a common goal with talented filmmaker – Vincent Bergeron, these women have delivered a kiteboard video to the likes that we have rarely seen. We are proud to present to you, The Sum of 5.