‘Kite Brothers’ by Val and Seb Garat

Duotone Kitesurfing Kite Brothers Seb and Val Garat

Seb Garat is 2006 and 2007 KPWT World Champion, 2011 Euro Champ and French Champion 2007-2011. He is the older brother of Val Garat, current 7th ranked in the world on the GKA Freestyle Tour.

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With ten years age difference between the two, the story and journey to success for these brothers was driven by family and a shared passion for wind-sports, which all started back in the day on family holidays to Greece with nothing more than a camper van full of toys and a desire to get involved. 

Unfortunately for Val, he spent most of his time on the beach due to being ‘far too small.’ Watching older brother Seb and Father, session the windy shores first on windsurfers and then kiteboarding became too much for young Seb to handle. Not taking no for an answer, he fashioned his own bar out of bamboo and the rest is history.

With Seb taking off on his professional kiteboarding career Val waited patiently — at home in Montpellier - for his bro to return from the KPWT world circuit, so he could proudly show him the tricks he had learnt. 

With numerous titles under his belt, Seb hung up his boots and took over the position of French Team Coach. Now, with the tables turned, it is Seb who waits at home for his brother to return so they can share and enjoy together their main passion; kiteboarding.

Duotone Kiteboarding Kite Brothers Seb and Val Garat

“I would have loved to have had the opportunity to compete with my brother but the 10 year age gap meant that his career ended just as mine was getting started. Seb is now the French Kiteboarding Team Coach, but first off his is my brother. Of course this can get difficult, I think more so for him as he is more implicated in the process. I know he finds it  hard to keep his emotions separate. It’s also difficult for me to listen to him sometimes, no one likes being told what to do by their older brother, but I know that he usually has a point. At the end of the day, any disagreements we might have are always put to one side. Seb is not a big talker but his main advice to me has always been “go for it and don’t be afraid.” When I watch him, he’s exactly like that. What we have is great. Hope you enjoy the movie. 

We sometimes talk about kiteboarding has evolved since back in his day. How many tours we’ve had since then. The kites I used when I was learning, laughing about how I couldn’t handle the power, and how Seb broke around 1 board a week.

Duotone Kitesurfing Kite Brothers Seb and Val Garat
Duotone Kitesurfing Vegas 2019 Kite Brothers Seb and Val Garat

Whenever a new Duotone or Fanatic surf foil arrives, we are like kids at Christmas. Our passion has been there since day one and I know we will have it for the rest of our lives. 


Hope you enjoy our movie.

Kite Brothers