Duotone Dice 2021 - Rider review with Lasse Walker

duotone kitebording lasse walker

‘The Dice is the perfect balance between performance and ease-of-use. A kite that’s direct, playful, super predictable, big depower and that true Dice feel, it really pushes your riding and boosts your confidence!’ - Here we catch up with Lasse Walker, a key part of the acceleration through the R&D process with Ralf Grösel that put the 2021 Dice in a league of its own.

How versatile is the 2021 Dice?
The 2021 Dice is a really easy kite to fly. The steering and bar pressure is perfectly balanced, which results in very responsive steering and feedback for the rider. The three different trim options on the Trailing Edge allow you to fine-tune the kite how you like. From the Hard setting, which I use for Freestyle and Big Air, to the Soft setting for Waveriding, it’s the perfect kite for many riding styles.


Does the reduction in weight improve flying characteristics?
People tend to underestimate how big of a difference the weight of a kite makes. Basically, a heavy kite has more mass to displace, which means it’s inefficient. Having a lighter kite, makes it much more playful and direct in both the low end and in 40 knots.

Duotone Kiteboarding Dice rier review lasse walker
Duotone Kiteboarding Dice rier review lasse walker
Duotone kiteboarding dice 2021

Talk us through the Bridle configuration and pully-less design.
By removing the pulley on the Bridle, the kite immediately feels more reactive and direct, especially when demanding more performance from the kite. The Dice keeps on excelling. With the pulley-less bridle, the 2021 Dice is the best, high performing bridled C-kite we’ve ever seen.


How does the lighter construction and solid frame enhance performance?
The 2021 Dice is stable and consistent, with a certain style. Playful and responsive,  intermediate to pro lever riders will appreciate its characteristics and use them to their full advantage, style and discipline!

Who will enjoy the 2021 Dice?
Haha, I know I will! Definitely those looking for a playful, reactive and comfortable kite that helps you push your riding. It doesn’t matter if you just started unhooking, or sending megaloops or riding waves the Dice is the one. 


Tell us about its looping capabilities. 
For years the Dice has been my weapon of choice for Megaloops and Big Air. Now with the pulley-less bridle, the Dice is extremely stable which is important when riding in strong winds, but also when you are reaching new heights. Confidence is key, and that’s what the Dice offers! 


I ride all the sizes on the Hard setting and 22m lines. This setting offers the highest performance and still feels like a bridled C-kite.

Duotone Kiteboarding Dice 2021

How was the R&D process with Ralf? 
Testing with Ralf is always super interesting. It’s like he is a genius and sees the full design clearly in his head. Whenever I say something could be better or different, I see him thinking and knowing how to solve it. Sometimes he just walks to the kite, adjusts some things, does his ‘’Ralf-magic’’ and BAM! it’s exactly what I meant.

What’s the 2021 Dice in a nutshell?
The 2021 Duotone Dice is a machine! Throughout the refinements, it absolutely excels in performance when doing freestyle, extreme Big Air and megaloops. However, it still has the overall feel and smooth handling the Dice has become so famous for.