Stefan Spiessberger

Stefan Spiessberger



Stefan Spiessberger

Traunsee, Austria




When and where did you start Wing Foiling?

I started to get really hooked on Winging during summer 2020, when travelling got quite complicated and I was spending most of my time out on the Austrian Lakes. I was so stoked to be able to have such fun sessions every day even if there was only 10 Knots of wind.

What’s your watersports history – from which side did you enter Winging?

I spent the past 10 years travelling the world, competing on the Freestyle Kiteboarding World Tour. Combined with a little bit of Windsurfing background and quite a passion for surfing, Wing Foiling is the perfect combination out of all!

What do you love about Wing Foiling?

The thing I love most about Winging is that it is a completely new sport. There is no right or wrong and so many new possibilities for jumps. You could learn a new move every time you go out for a session. I love to progress, and I never had so much fun progressing like on the wing.

What’s your favorite conditions?

20 Knots and little ramps rolling in.

What’s your top advice for a beginner?

Use a big Wing and check out every step of your way in the upcoming Duotone and Fanatic Wing Academy!

Boom or handles?

Handles for Waves, Boom for everything else! I almost entirely ride a boom because it makes freestyling so much easier and also opens up way more possibilities for tricks.



Stefan Spiessberger


Stefan Spiessberger