Young Blood Team Delivers & Inspires

15-year-old Tom Pansard from France and 17- year-old Nia Suardiaz claimed three GWA Youth World Championship titles, while Tomas Acherer, Kalle Dinant, Eulalie Thebault, Stephan Benes and Sam Rossmeier all stepped onto the podium!

We couldn't be more thrilled about the excellent performance of our Duotone Young Blood Team at the second GWA Youth World Championships in La Palma, attended by all the big names from the GWA World Tour. Congratulations to all of you! Your endless passion is what´s fueling the incredible development of Wing Foiling!


Surf-Freestyle U19 (Male)

We witnessed stunning action and incredible skills during the Freestyle competitions. In the semifinals of the hard-fought U19 boys' field, our Austrian rider Tomas Acherer scored a perfect 10 out of 10 with a sensational new triple combo, knocking out none other than Chris MacDonald! In the finals, Tom secured a spot on the podium. His twin brother Aleks and the British rider Charlie Loch were right on his heels, both finishing in 5th place.

1. Axel Gerard - FRA
2. Xavier Corr - ESP
3. Tomas Acherer - AUT
4. Clement Hamon - FRA
5. Aleksander Acherer - AUT
5. Charlie Loch - GBR

Surf-Freestyle U14 (Male)

In the youngest field of the U14 Kalle Dinant proved his talent with a 3rd place followed by Sam Rossmeier in 4th place! The kid from the Netherlands gets great support from the experienced landsman and team rider Jelle Stoop whereas for Sam, son from the well-know Mr. Tricktionary Michi Rossmeier, coaching even is a family affair.

  1. Marius Laffargue FRA

  2. Benjamin Castenskiold DEN

  3. Kalle Dinant NED

  4. Sam Rossmeier ESP

  5. Wilhelm Christahl GER


Freestyle U19 (Female)

All girls were ranked together in the U19 category, and the victory for the reigning GWA Freestyle Women's World Champion Nia seemed like a sheer formality. Nia’s superiority deserves our utmost respect, as does the remarkable 3rd place finish for the youngest in the field, 12-year-old Eulalie Thébault, who is part of the Thébault water sports family and the sister of Arthur. Have you watched their video yet? Watch here: TROPIC BUOYS

  1. Nia Suardiaz - ESP

  2. Enoha Laurent - FRA

  3. Eulalie Thébault – FRA

FreeFly Slalom U19 (Male)

Tom Pansard is the new, well-deserved GWA Youth World Champion in FreeFly Slalom. With seven wins out of eleven elimination runs, Tom showcased his unrivaled racing skills and remained unreachable for the rest of the fleet!

  1. Tom Pansard - FRA

  2. Axel Gerard - FRA

  3. Ancor Sosa - ESP


FreeFly Slalom U14 (Male)

It was once again a tight race between Sam Rossmeier and Kalle Dinant for the coveted spot on the podium in the U-14 category, this time with the reverse result, earning Sam a well-deserved third place and Kalle a fourth. Congratulations to both!

  1. Benjamin Castenskiold - DEN

  2. Marius Laffargue - FRA

  3. Sam Rossmeier - ESP

  4. Kalle Dinant - NED

FreeFly Slalom U16 (Male)

The Czech newcomer Stepan Benes took off to a flying start with a couple of top 3 finishes and stepped on the podium just in front of experienced Manuel Morillo from Lanzarote.

  1. Luca Vuillerment -USA

  2. Leon Schiel - GBR

  3. Stepan Benes - CZE

  4. Manuel Morillo - ESP


FreeFly Slalom U19 (Female)

Last but not least, in the female FreeFly Slalom, the reigning GWA Youth World Champion is once again Nia Suardiaz from Tarifa! The Spanish dominator won every single elimination run, leaving no doubt as to who was the fastest. Also big creidits here to Eulalie in 5th!

  1. Nia Suardiaz - ESP

  2. Viola Lippitsch- AUT

  3. Enoha Laurent - FRA

  4. Anaé Rio - FRA

  5. Eulalie Thebault - FRA

Duotone Young Blood Team


Big shout out to all the young rippers, including not yet mentioned Rocco Makana Sotomayor, Wilhelm and Hubert Christahl as well as Leo Suardiaz and their families for making it to this gathering of the next generation of Wing Foilers. We are proud of the Duotone Young Blood Team. Together, we are looking forward to a bright future!